Aaron Harang Blinded By The Light, During Last Night’s Dodger Game


It seems that Mr. Magoo, I mean, The Big Show, I mean Aaron Harang had a little mishap last night with his new pair of glasses. Harang was trying out the new pair in the first inning of last night’s game. No seriously, it’s true.

During the first frame of last night’s 7-6 Dodger loss against the Rockies at Camelback Ranch, Harang was noticeably struggling with his control. I heard something about him having issues with at new pair of glasses. I hadn’t even noticed a first. I had walked out of the room during the first two or three at-bats, and missed most of the beginning of the inning. Apparently the Camelback Ranch lights were glaring off of his new specs. This caused Harang to walk the bases loaded to begin the game. We are through the looking glass here guys.

Can you see how many fingers I am holding up Big Show?-Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Since I had stepped out of the room for the first few at-bats, I just thought his control problems were just due to general suckery. Boy I thought, Harang is really off tonight. I was wrong. As it turns out, the glare from the lights temporarily blinded him, and made him dizzy. According to the Big Show himself, he said he was still dizzy when he gave up the grand slam home run to Michael Cuddyer.

Maybe Harang could use a prescription for one of these?

Reportedly Harang has always had trouble with his vision, but never has done anything to correct it. This could explain some of Harang’s suckitude over the last few seasons. I wonder how Harang would pitch if he had better vision? The thought of having lasik corrective eye surgery has crossed Harang’s mind, and he said he may have to consider it an option one day soon.

Until then, Harang will continue to pitch nearly partially blind. It’s one of those old adages, you can’t play Baseball unless you can properly see the ball. Players that have problems with their vision normally struggle and don’t play as well as other players with better eye-sight. Remember what happened to outfielder Jay Gibbons a few springs ago? He wasn’t able to see at all because he had the wrong prescriptions for his contacts. The vision problem ruined his entire spring, and the Dodgers eventually dumped him.

Remember Gibbons couldn’t see either. He sucked anyways.-Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

I hope the same thing doesn’t happen to Harang. I am not sure why he hasn’t considered contacts before? Or maybe he has, but his eyes are too sensitive? Beats me. I have to wonder if the Dodgers have ever given him an eye exam? If not, then why?

Harang had to ditch the glasses between the second and third batters. After he regained his vision, and equilibrium, he settled down and pitched just fine. After allowing the grand slam to Cuddyer, Harang allowed just one unearned run over the next 5.1 innings.

It was a pretty bad time for Harang to be having a glasses ordeal. Opposing scouts from other teams were in the stands to watch Harang pitch. The Big Show still is without a role currently. The Dodgers have eight starting pitchers, and it is possible that Harang could be traded before the season starts on Monday.