The Dodgers have finally returned to Southern California. Welcome ho..."/> The Dodgers have finally returned to Southern California. Welcome ho..."/>

Dodgers Drive Up The 110 To Begin Freeway Series Against Annoying Angels


The Dodgers have finally returned to Southern California. Welcome home boys. Tonight they will travel just up the freeway to take on the always annoying Los Angeles Angels in the annual Freeway Series. Years ago before the advent of interleague play, the Freeway Series was the only time the Dodgers and Angels ever played each other. The Freeway Series always marked the beginning of the regular season and the end of exhibition games. It is always held the first week of April, right before opening day.

Now with interleague play, and the Dodgers playing in the Cactus league during spring training, and the freeway series, the Dodgers play the Angels way more than any of us want to see. With the way the Dodgers have historically played against the Halos, it wouldn’t surprise me if the Dodgers never want to see the Angels ever again. The Dodgers haven’t won a regular season series from the Angels since 2006. Yuck.

110 Freeway

Anyways, I think I’ve made it very clear how much I loathe the Angels. They annoy me to the core. Just describing that I hate them only scratches the surface of my deep seeded hatred for the team that wears those ugly periwinkle uniforms. I hate just about everything about the Angels, from their mickey mouse origins, to their changing their name every other season, down to their annoying little A’s on their hats with those stupid halos. Remember they used to be called the Los Angeles Angels, originally, then they changed their name to the California Angels. They were called that for years. Then they were the Anaheim Angels, which seemed to fit better since they play in Anaheim. Finally they changed it back to the Los Angeles Angels again. Ahem, news flash Angels, you are not an LA team. Never have, and never will be. You play in Anaheim! Get it straight.

The Dodgers are actually spread thin today, in the final split squad day of the year. I swear it seems like these split squads will never end. Expect the final rounds of cuts to come after the game. Some of the Dodgers are in Rancho Cucamonga playing in the exhibition game against the Quakes. Tommy Lasorda will be managing that game. That game will include Adrian Gonzalez, Luis Cruz, and Carl Crawford among others. The rest of the Dodger starters will be in Anaheim tonight. The Quakes game is not on TV, but I believe you should be able to catch it on the Quake’s broadcast on radio, and on Gameday.

Tonight’s pitching match-up should be an interesting one. Hyun-jin Ryu will make his final tune-up before opening week. The Angels will counter with….oh looky here, it’s old friend Joe Blanton.(Bumton). I think we can all remember him, although I’m sure we all would like to forget that he ever wore a Dodger uniform, he was so terrible. Don’t expect for either pitcher to go more than 40 or 50 pitches. Ryu is set to make his debut on April 2.

Dodgers Lineup vs. Angels

Skip Schumaker LFMark Ellis 2BMatt Kemp CFAndre Ethier RFA.J. Ellis CJuan Uribe 3BScott Van Slyke 1BJustin Sellers SSHyun-jin Ryu P

Hyun-jin Ryu vs. Joe Blanton (Bumton)

What a treat! Uribe and Van Slyke in the same lineup and hitting back-to-back! What a powerhouse. Ok ok, I kid. Anyways Shcumaker is in left field for this game, while Sellblock gets the start at short with Cruz playing in Rancho. In case you are wondering both teams are not using the DH, and the pitchers will hit. Even though they are playing in Anaheim tonight. Kind of weird.

You can check out the game tonight at 7:05 PM on Prime Ticket. I still dream of a season where the Angels lose every game they play, and post a 0-162 record. That would be pure joy. I know it’s ridiculous but A Dodger fan can dream right? Beat those Halos! Go Blue.