Lasorda’s Lair Game Recap Format Returns Monday


Beginning on Monday, the regular season will start, and a brand new chapter in Dodger Baseball will start to be written. We at Lasorda’s Lair will be here to cover it all. The dizzying highs, and the terrible lows. The Dodgers are all in it to win it this year in the first full season under the new ownership of the GBM and Magic Johnson. You know what they say, everyone is a contender on opening day. Hope always springs eternal come opening day.

On Monday Lasorda’s Lair will be returning to our regular game-capping format. If you’re a regular reader, then you already know how we do things over here. If you are a new reader, then let me explain. We will cover every Dodger game. When I say every game, I literally mean EVERY SINGLE GAME, come rain or shine. We will be here. Normally we will publish two game posts each day.

Hopefully the World Series Trophy will return to Dodger Stadium in 2013, where it rightfully belongs.

The first is what we call the “pre-game” The pre-game article will include the starting lineups, pitching match-ups, and the story-lines for the day. After the game we’ll publish the second article, which we call the “post-game” The post-game will document the entire game inning by inning, frame by frame. Although we will try and streamline the game-caps as best we can. We’ll bring you the stats, the heroes, the goats, and we’ll tell you what we think the Dodgers are doing right or wrong. Over the course of the season we’ll bring you exclusive interviews, contest giveaways, and podcasts. We’ll mix in plenty of other great Dodger content for you to read. Analysis, opinions, and more. We will also be bringing back our usual play by play commentary and hilarity via twitter. Plus our own unique style of content and humor. We will also capture the emotions that come with covering/following your favorite Baseball team throughout the season. Also be on the lookout for a special opening day recap with pictures and photos of the new Dodger Stadium improvements. More walkapaloozas, more empanadas, more singing, and more fun!

After each game we will award what we call the “game ball” to the player or players of the game. They can be Dodgers or opposing players. You can check out the game ball winners in our Gagne’s game ball corner at the top of the home page. Next week we’ll be doing another contest giveaway like we did last year, in which we’ll be giving away a Dodger opening day program. Check back here for more details.

Once again we will celebrate together during wins, and commiserate together during losses. We’re like a big family, one big Blue family. We will Guide you through the season, all the while we will be rooting alongside with you. All of this will be seen through the eyes of brother and sister lifelong Dodger fans. We are the only brother and sister run Dodger site on the internet. We are not just writers, we are also very proud to be Dodger fans. We are all in this together.

We hope that you will join us along for the ride. The Baseball season is like a journey, and we wouldn’t think of making this journey without you, our readers. It wouldn’t be possible without you guys! Hopefully this year will end with the Dodgers hoisting their seventh world championship banner above Dodger Stadium.  Don’t miss out! It’s going to be a lot of fun. Stick around as we continue to document the Los Angeles Dodgers Baseball seasons. Let the regular season begin! Play ball! And always and forever….GO BLUE!