Clayton Kershaw and Dodgers Close to Record-Setting Deal


Clayton Kershaw does not want to be discussing a contract extension during the regular season. So the Dodgers have reportedly been working out a deal with the Cy Young Award winner which could be announced prior to Opening Day if the two sides come to an agreement. These talks came on the heels of two huge contract announcements Friday which had Justin Verlander and the Detroit Tigers agreeing on a seven-year $180 million deal and Buster Posey and the Giants finalizing a nine-year extension worth $167 million. Clayton Kershaw is arguably worth more.

I have said in the past that Kershaw should get around a eight-year $200 million extension which would make him the highest paid pitcher ever. He’s worth every penny of course.

Kershaw was tight-lipped on the subject when asked on Friday.

"“If it’s about contract stuff, I don’t want to say anything,” Kershaw said."

Kershaw will be paid $11 million this season, and he won’t be eligible for free agency until after the 2014 season. This gives the Dodgers some time if an agreement doesn’t pan out. Yet, it would be nice to lock up the talented southpaw long-term before costs soar even higher in the future. Contracts have been increasing at an astronomical rate recently which reflects Major League Baseball’s thriving state of affairs.

This past offseason saw the Dodgers sign Zack Greinke to a six-year $147 million contract, and two months later the Seattle Mariners signed Felix Hernandez to a seven-year $175 million deal. Kershaw could and should break the $200 million mark.

Last season the left-hander had a record of 14-9 with 229 strikeouts and a 2.53 ERA while finishing second to R.A. Dickey for the NL Cy Young Award. For the third consecutive season, Clayton Kershaw is the Opening Day starter for the Dodgers.

The contract talks could be just talks, but we will know for sure within the next day or two. Whatever substantial sum Kershaw gets whether it is tomorrow or next year, it will be well worth it. Kershaw is not only a productive and amazing player on the field, but he also a humanitarian who raises money to help needy orphans in Zambia.

How much do you think Kershaw will garner? Will it be over $200 million?

Kershaw, like Koufax, should be a forever Dodger. Let’s get the deal done.