Tonight And Friday’s Dodger Games Televised On Alternate Channels


I don’t care much for basketball. I never have. Sure I root for the Lakers when I can, but I don’t follow the Lakers, or the Clippers at all. Hey I wish them both well on their travels.  But when one of those teams interferes with my Dodger time, then that’s a different story. Then my healthy indifference turns into hatred. If you mess with my Dodger time, then you better run and hide.

Well, That’s what’s happening during tonight’s and Friday night’s Dodger games. Prime Ticket will be preempting both tonight’s Dodger game in San Diego at 7:10PM against the Padres, and Friday night’s Dodger game in Arizona against the Dbacks. Both games will be on tape delay tonight and Friday night, so Prime Ticket can show meaningless end of regular season Clipper Basketball, as if anybody cares.

But that’s happening tonight, for the first time in years. Tonight’s Dodger game will only be showed on alternate channels for Time Warner customers. Of course you have to have an HD cable Box, or HD service on your home television. The Dodgers won’t be on until probably 11 or 12 after the Clipper game is over. Friday night’s game will be the same, but I believe Prime Ticket is instead showing an Anaheim Ducks game in place of the scheduled Dodger game that night at 6:40 PM in Arizona. Why don’t you kick us while we’re down Prime Ticket?

This is a disgrace. I don’t know why they can’t just show the games on KCAL 9, so we can all watch them live. Unfortunately, I do not have any of these alternate channels carried and neither does Stacie, so we won’t be able to have our usual Game recap up until the next morning. We apologize for Prime Ticket’s pettiness.

Of course, the Dodgers are leaving prime ticket next season to start their own regional cable network on Time Warner Cable. Because of this, Prime Ticket is showing their obviously pissed off at the Dodgers. So who gets punished for this? Of course the fans do. Now we have to watch two games on tape delay at midnight this week.

This is unacceptable. Again, tonight’s Dodger game, and Friday night’s Dodger games, will be on tape delay after the Clipper game. You can watch the game live on alternate channels, but you have to have an HD box, or HD service to watch most of those channels. The Clippers play in Los Angeles tonight, and that game won’t even start until 7:30 PM.

Here is a list of the alternate channels below. You can check out which channel in your area is carrying the Dodger game live. Remember, you can watch the game on tape delay on Prime Ticket after the Clipper game is over. For more information and a complete list of the full television schedule click here

AT&T U-verse696 (HD 1696)
Cox Santa Barbara8
Cox Orange County3
Cox Las Vegas96
Cox Palos Verdes3
DIRECTV689 (HD 689-1)
Dish April 10:449 (HD 9519)
Dish April 12:441 (HD 9579)
Time Warner Cable: Los AngelesHD 700*
Time Warner Cable: Desert Cities, Yucca, BanningHD 590*
Time Warner Cable: BarstowHD 671*
Oceanic Time WarnerCable 260 (HD 1260)

* Games will only be available to those with HD boxes/receivers.


This is extremely frustrating. This better not happen again. If this continues, then here’s to hoping the Clippers and Ducks seasons end as soon as possible. Actually, it’s not their fault. It’s all your fault Prime Ticket! And Fox! Stay Classy.