Help Donate To The RBI Program By Contributing To The Season Of The Whiff


Head & shoulders has declared the 2013 MLB season as the season of the Whiff.  For every whiff (strikeout) tweet, Head and Shoulders will donate 1$ to the MLB Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities program. (RBI)

So every time a Dodger pitcher records a whiff, or you see a whiff from anyone wearing a Dodger uniform, we encourage you to tweet using the hashtag #Whiff@DodgersOr basically the hashtag of #Whiff followed by the team’s twitter handle. Head & Shoulders will donate ten thousand dollars at the end of each month to the MLB team with the most tweets using the hashtag #Whiff and their team handle.

For every Dodger whiff, tweet using the hashtag


, and help contribute to the season of the whiff!-Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

You can also use the hashtag #Whiff followed by a Dodger player’s twitter handle as well.  (have they freed Jhair’s twitter yet?) You can always tweet #Whiff followed by @Dodgers whenever you feel the need to help out. Lasorda’s Lair and Head & Shoulders encourage you to join in the conversation and contribute to the cause whenever you see a Dodger whiff.

If Clayton Kershaw is on the mound then that can turn out to be a really great day for the kids, bless their little Blue hearts. We encourage you to help us and participate all season long, as the season of the #Whiff continues!

You can find more information about the program here.

Also don’t forget to follow the official Head & Shoulders Twitter here.

Please don’t forget to use the hashtag #Whiff followed by the Dodgers twitter handle every time you see a Dodger strikeout. Each tweet helps donate more money to the program.

Please help out the cause!

And of course, as always…..Go Blue!