Lasorda’s Lair Joins SportsSpeak In Studio-April 6


If you guys have ever wanted to see my pretty mug on video, here is your chance! A few weeks ago, back on April 6th, I sat down to answer some Dodger questions, and talk Baseball with Todd Boldizsar and the Sportspeak crew. I was invited into the studio, and the show was recorded live. We discussed the Dodger’s opening day, the Dodger opening day roster, and the improvements to Dodger Stadium among other things.

Keep in mind this was back on April 6, which was well before Zack Greinke had his collar bone broken. The season was only about a week old at the time. So that means some of the questions are now dated as of now. Anyways, have fun watching me struggle with a stubborn microphone that just wouldn’t stay in the same place. Also be sure to notice I am wearing my Giants suck t-shirt proudly. Todd noticed the fresh Dodger dog mustard stains from opening day. That t-shirt is battle tested I tell you!

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I had a lot of fun, and I hope to be invited back soon. Big thank you to the Sportspeak crew.