Birdman Zack Greinke Flies Back Into Dodger Stadium Tomorrow Night


The Bird is back! And we’re not just whistling dixie. Birdman Zack Greinke will flap his wings and fly back into Dodger Stadium tomorrow night to start against the Washington Nationals in the final game of the three game series. Greinke is returning from the disabled list after being out for about a month because of the fractured collar bone he suffered in the brawl with San Diego thug Carlos Quentin. Greinke only pitched in two games this season for the Dodgers before he was viciously and cowardly assaulted during his second start on the mound of Petco Park.

Greinke was originally thought to be out at least until June, after he had to have a metal rod inserted into his collar bone after the fight with Quentin. But you know, the birdman is not your average run of the mill ace.

Is Birdman returning to Soon?-Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Greinke has only made one minor league rehab appearance, which was last Friday night in Rancho Cucamonga. Greinke pitched 4.1 innings for the Quakes, allowing three earned runs, eight total, on six hits. He walked one, and whiffed four. But is the right handed ace coming back too soon?

The Dodgers may end up placing ineffective bum starter Josh Beckett on the disabled list to clear room for Greinke. We learned last night, he was taken out of the game after only three innings because of a sore groin he suffered running to first base to cover a throw on a groundball.

Greinke is able to heal very quickly from his injuries. When he was with the Brewers and broke his ribs in that basketball game, he came back early as well. I think we probably should trust Greinke’s instincts on this one. If the Birdman says he’s ready, then he probably is. Although with all of the injuries this season, and the Dodgers paying Greinke 147 million dollars, wouldn’t it be smarter to make him pitch in a few more rehab starts before throwing him back into the fire?

Of course it would, but the Dodgers are desperate. They are in last place, and sinking like a stone in the standings. The season is teetering on the brink of total failure, and the pitching staff has been an ineffective mess. A Zack Greinke return could be just what the Dodgers need to jumpstart their corpse like 2013 season.

Greinke faced 21 batters in Friday night I Rancho, and says he feels fine. What do you think? Did the Dodgers bring Greinke back too early? Weigh in with your comments below. Until then, we will await Greinke’s flight pattern, as he returns to Dodger Stadium tomorrow night to perhaps save the Dodger pitching staff.