Dodgers Call Up Moylan, Option Guerra, And Bum Shuffling


The Dodgers are so stupid, it burns my brain. I did say the Dodgers would probably be making a roster move today, and they did, only it wasn’t for a center field. Instead the Dodgers called up right hander Peter Moylan and optioned Javy Guerra to Albuquerque. Moylan was not on the 40-man roster, so in order to clear room for him, the Dodgers transferred lefty Scott Elbert to the 60-day disabled list. Even though Elbert is healthy! I am fine with Moylan, because he can’t be any worse than Guerra has been. To me this is a lateral move. Moylan has a career 2.95 ERA in 295 appearances. Moylan has a 7.1 career whiff per nine rate, and has appeared in 80 or more games three different seasons. (2007 2009-2010). Moylan has pitched in 17 games with the Isotopes this season, posting a 3.52 ERA and saving two games in 23 innings. The Dodgers had to do something with him, as he had an opt out clause in his contract that would have kicked in on June 1st.

Let’s hope Moylan doesn’t suck-Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Guerra had a 6.75 ERA in nine appearances and allowed nine runs in a little over ten frames. What I don’t understand is what they are doing with Elbert? He is healthy so he can come off the DL at any time, but there is no room on the roster for him, so he is in limbo at the moment. Once again the Dodgers refuse to make the tough decisions. They refuse to cut anyone from the major league roster that does not have remaining options. Why not just DFA Guerrier. and put Elbert on the roster? Or better yet, they could have added him tonight instead of Moylan? I have no idea what they are doing. Another question we will have to wait for an answer for is how the Dodgers plan to use Moylan. Will he be middle relief? Long man? Or will he be used in another way?

In the meantime, Matt Kemp is on the disabled list, and the Dodgers have yet to do anything about calling up a real center fielder to fill in for Kemp until he returns. The Dodgers are right about one thing. Skip Schumaker is not a real center fielder, nor is he a real major league hitter. This is a failure of management in my opinion, because there is no way on Earth that any major league quality manager continues to use Schumaker in center field, or at all.

I am not surprised the Dodgers made another foolish roster decision, because they’ve been doing that all season. I thought they would be smart and call someone up for this weekend’s series at Colorado, especially because of the large expansive outfield in Coors Field. All this team does is shuffle the Bums around. The club keeps making roster manipulations in order to keep the Bums. God forbid they should ever lose a Bum. Bum shuffling. Shuffle Shuffle shuffle.

So while the Dodgers continue to be stupid, and this monumentally lousy season goes on, we welcome Peter Moylan to the Dodgers.

Moylan is 34 years old, a right hander and from Australia. You can follow Moylan on twitter as well, at his account at the link here below.