Dodgers, Kershaw Talking Dollars


Ken Rosenthal is reporting the Dodgers are progressing in their recent contract extension discussions with ace Clayton Kershaw. Apparently the two sides are getting closer, and the terms would be a seven year extension with a dollar amount of over 180 million dollars. The contract would be larger than the contracts received by Justin Verlander, and Felix Hernandez. According to Rosenthal, the Dodgers and Kershaw have discussed various proposals around the 250-300 million dollar range, and 10-12 years in length.

Given the Dodger’s past history of mega contracts, including the eight year 160 million dollar contract given to Matt Kemp, a reasonable estimate could be somewhere in the eight year and 200 million dollar range. Last season the Dodgers bought up two of Kershaw’s arbitration years for 19 million dollars.

While people can constantly try to evaluate Kershaw’s real worth, nobody can. His worth is priceless. As I’ve said before, the best way to sign him may be to just hand him a blank check and let him fill it out. Pitcher’s with Kershaw’s level of greatness only come around once in a generation or so. That is worth more than 200 million, or 300 million. It’s worth more than its weight in gold. That’s something you can tell your children and their grandchildren, You saw the great Clayton Kershaw pitch, one of the greatest to ever take the mound.

Please Just give Kershaw his money now.-Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Kershaw has been his usual dominating self this season. Too bad the Dodgers can never score him any runs anymore. It’s like he’s become the new Hiroki Kuroda or something. He has one of the lowest run support in the league. The Dodgers are averaging less than three runs per game in his starts. The 25 year old former Cy Young winner is 5-4 with a 1.84 ERA this season. Kershaw has been among the league leaders in ERA, whiffs, BAA, and WHIP. Kershaw has whiffed 104 and has held hitters to a .191 batting average against.

Kershaw had previously told the Dodgers that he didn’t want to discuss his contract during the season. It appears the two sides are working to get the deal done during the season.

Obviously it would be in the Dodgers best interest to get Kershaw signed as soon as possible. Kershaw can become a free agent after the 2014 season.  Nobody wants to have to deal with the horrific thought of Kershaw leaving via free agency, or even the remote possibility. No. Clayton Kershaw should be a Dodger for life. That is forever. Just sign him now.

Few players achieve what Kershaw have achieved at his age. He is our generations’ Sandy Koufax. His domination should never ever be known outside of Dodger Blue. Now just hand him his contract and get this done. Just sign the deal.