Vin Scully Takes Over Twitter Today!


Wednesday! Wednesday! Wednesday! Vincast! The greatest broadcaster in Baseball and sports history, Dodger legend Vin Scully will be holding a special Vincast on twitter during and before the game on Wednesday afternoon. Unfortunately Vinny is unable to broadcast any of the games, but even just having him on twitter during the game is a joy. (Vin will begin tweeting at 4PM PT) 

The Greatest Sports Broadcaster ever-Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-US PRESSWIRE

Normally Vin doesn’t travel with the team for road games out of California. Vin currently broadcasts al Dodger home games, and all road games within California. He also still calls the games in Arizona. During the interleague series against the Red Sox at Boston in 2010, saw Vin make the trip out there to call one of those games.

So don’t miss out! Vin Scully will take over the Dodger’s twitter account on Wednesday afternoon! This is the first time he has ever taken over twitter. You can also tweet your questions at him using the hashtag  #VinScully. If you remember Vin is somewhat familiar with twitter. Last season he was able to rally the troops to get A.J. Ellis trending worldwide, after he hit two home runs in that game. Vin Scully himself has also been trending on twitter many times. Vin has talked about twitter, and what he thought a tweet was before during games. Having Vin on twitter is an honor for all of twitter. I think twitter should be re-named Vintter. The fun begins at 4 PM PT.

So don’t forget to be on twitter during today’s game, to catch the first ever Vin Scully Tweetcast! Viva Vin!