Twitter Would Be So Empty Without Us


You know the people over at the MSTI community never cease to stop entertaining me. I’ll give them that. It seems our site was the subject of a funny little comic strip. Yes our beautiful home has been immortalized in Comic form.

To be honest I did laugh at this when I saw it roll through my TL. My twitter fight with Mike Petriello has become something of a twitter legend. Its all in the past of course. He called me a troll, I called him a snobby fake Dodger fan, and that was that. I say let bygones be bygones. Its all in the past. Whatever.

But when I saw this funny little strip roll across twitter, I just had to put this up in a post. I thought it was pretty funny and cool looking. I mean Petriello’s throne looks to be made of pure gold right? And is that a goat wearing a Dodger hat in front of a mountain? Who’s the guy in the shades? He looks dangerous, like an FBI agent or something.

Comic relief by David Macdonald????? Or is it?

The storyline of the comic is pretty simple. One of Petriello’s readers would like to become a moderator for one of his juvenile yet always active chat rooms. Petriello denies his request. Just take a look at the detail in the smirky looks Petriello gives him. The reader gets angry with the denial, and instead decides to migrate over here. Yes yes, come over to the dark side. You know you want to. If you only knew the power of the dark side!

After the reader successfully migrate over here, he then asks Tommy Lasorda what he thought of the game. Only to be ignored as Tommy sleeps. Which is interestingly ironic considering that Petriello slumbers through most games, cursed by an east coast time zone. Notice the detail and fine craftsmanship. Petriello’s smirks looks so vivid.

But who penned this animated delight? I at first suspected Eephus Blue, another illustrator and artist who frequently creates and sells T-shirts with Dodger images. But then I thought, no, too cartoony. It had to be someone else’s work.

So I asked, and I was directed to a twitter account for a man named David Macdonald. Or that is what the name on the account says, I really have no idea. Did Mr. Macdonald create this Comic? I have no idea. If so, please David, step forward and take credit. You’ve done well. Honestly I did laugh at this, it’s all in good fun.

So does this mean we’re like the rebels of the Dodger bloggers? I’ve never been one that played by the rules. So if MSTI is the Beatles of Dodger bloggers, then are we the Rolling Stones? Would True Blue LA be the Jimmi Hendrix? If Petriello is the Luke Skywalker of Dodger sites, are we the Darth Vader? Or perhaps a Boba Fet? Count Dooku perhaps? Yes? No? Maybe? Meh..

I know one thing though. Without us, the twitter world would be an empty place. Like the Eminem song says, no matter how many fish in the sea, it would be so empty without me.