Adios Cochito! We’ll Never Forget You


I thought I would feel a lot better about this than I do now. I figured I would be happy once the news was announced. You know how I feel about the subject. I’ve said, no more roster spot wasters, no more Bums, etc, etc, etc. But once the Dodgers announced the news, I can only feel sadness. I kind of feel  a little empty inside. It’s a sad sad day, but it’s something that had to happen.

If you haven’t heard the news, the Dodgers designated Luis Cruz for assignment, and activated Scott Van Slyke from the disabled list. Cruz was hitting just .127 (15 for 118) in 128 plate appearances this season with one home run and 6 RBIs for the boys in blue. The player also known as Cochito, who captured all Dodger fans’ hearts last season with his passion, amazing work ethic , and clutch hitting. The third baseman batted .297 with six home runs, and 40 RBIs in 2012 for the Dodgers, as he came out of nowhere to anchor the left side of the infield. He saw time at third base, shortstop, and second base in parts of 78 games last season.

Luis Cruz, also known as Cochito, was finally DFA’d by the Dodgers-Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

What happened to Luis Cruz? I don’t know. All I know is, the league adjusted to him, and Cruz never was able to make an adjustment back. I hope he can recapture some of the magic that made him so special in 2012. I don’t know what happened to him this season. All I know is that we will never forget Cochito Cruz. I’ll never forget the way he energized the team last season. It was something special.

Cruz has to be placed on waivers first of course. And I am sure that nobody will claim him, and he’ll probably end up right back at Albuquerque, so I am betting we haven’t seen the last of Cochito. You know something, as bad as he has been this season, I hope we do.

So I want to wish Luis Cruz a fond farewell, and wish him luck in his future adventures in case we never see him again. I am glad the Dodgers made the move to improve their roster. It was long overdue. But I am saddened by the loss of such a popular player who touched our hearts last year.

So long Cochito. We’ll miss you. Dodger fans will never forget you!