Tommy Lasorda, and Farmer John Visits History Channel’s American Restoration


Last week, on June 18, Tommy Lasorda paid a visit to History’s hit show, American Restoration. The guys over there were in need of his assistance, since the main project on that week’s episode was doing a home run restoration on a classic 4-door coca-cola cooler. The guys were turning it into a new hot dog vendor machine, for a casino in San Bernardino, California.

AMERICAN RESTORATION tells the story behind things you just don’t see any more. A barber shop towel steamer, a 1964 Ducati Falcon, a Gatling gun arcade game—oddball artifacts like these are part of America’s cultural mosaic, and every refurbishment brings a bit of that history back to life.

Dodger Dog Cart-Photos by Leftfield pictures

Rick Dale, the guy that does all the restorations, set a goal of preserving its classic look, and preparing it to serve the most delicious food on the planet. Dodger Dogs.

So of course, who better than to lend a hand, but our own Tommy. The guys needed an expert on Dodger dogs, and who is more of an expert on food, especially Dodger dogs, than Tommy Lasorda? Tommy was also joined by former Dodgers, Ron Cey, and Paul Loduca. And hey the good people of Farmer John were also there as well, lending their expertise. Joe Perez, one of the main guys at Farmer John is pictured. You can’t restore a Hot Dog machine, have Dodger dogs, in it, invite Tommy Lasorda, and not have farmer John represented. You just can’t. That would be a sin.

Here’s Tommy Cracking wise, with Rick, and Joe-Phot from Leftfield Pictures

Tommy Lasorda upon reviewing the hot dog vendor cart that will house the famous Dodger dogs at a casino in San Bernardino, CA, had this to say….

"“It was masterfully done and I think it’s going to be a big hit. I was very, very surprised, to see the word Dodgers and how beautifully that hot dog stand was made.”"

Tommy Lasorda commenting on how the refinished cart makes him feel:

"“Well, I’m a hard man to please when I lose games, but I’ll tell you I won a game today!”"

The episode aired on June 18, but you can catch new episodes, and repeats at the History channel, every Tuesday night at 10/9 Central.

Now Tommy Looks serious. You don’t want to mess with Tommy’s Dodger Dogs.-Photos from LeftField Pictures

Here’s the whole gang, with the finished product-Photo from LeftField Pictures

You can also catch episodes at the site’s main web page here. Other info on Rick Dale’s Restorations can be found here. You can stream the Tommy episode online at the show’s site, under the episodes link.

You can check out the History channel on twitter at You can also check out Rick Dale on twitter at his account here All photos are from Left Field Pictures.