Marmol To Dodgers For Guerrier And International Cash, A Done Deal


The trade is now official. The Dodgers have announced the acquisition of right hander Carlos Marmol. In exchange, the Dodgers will send right hander Matt Guerrier to the Cubs. The Dodgers will also receive a 200,000 dollar international signing bonus slot. The Number 92 slot I believe.

So, this means the Dodgers basically got Marmol for nothing. No prospects had to be given up for Marmol, and the Dodgers receive money for international spending. I don’t see how this deal could be bad. Hey Chicago, you want Matt Guerrier, take him! He’s yours!

There is minimal risk for the Dodgers. Even if Marmol is terrible, then the Dodgers still have lost nothing. Marmol can always be designated for assignment, and all we have lost is Matt Guerrier. I think it’s safe to assume that that is no big loss there. There was also some cash exchanged, but we are still not sure yet how much cash changed hands, and how much of Marmol’s contract the Dodgers are responsible for. Marmol is in the final year of his three year contract, and can become a free agent after this season. Anyways, the deal is done, and Marmol is a Dodger. He should be on his way to join the team soon. We’ll have more on the deal later. Let’s just enjoy a post Guerrier world.