Dodgers Sign Ian Stewart, Just In Case The World Explodes


The Dodgers signed third baseman Ian Stewart last night to a minor league deal, according to Jon Heyman. The club made the announcement last night before the first game of the Dodger’s series against the Giants in San Francisco.

It’s funny how so many people on twitter started to freak out as soon as they heard the news. As soon as they found out about the signing, the hordes of frustrated Dodger fans started to scream and shout, and not in a sexy Britney Spears way. (They furled their brows, and cursed ned Colletti under their breath. It’s Ned being Ned they would say, or tweet.) There’s no reason to get upset about this, so everyone can stand down and relax. It’s just another minor league signing. Teams do this all the time, all throughout the season.

Chicago Cubs third baseman Ian Stewart (2) poses for a picture during photo day at Fitch Park.-Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Stewart, the 28 year old six year major league veteran, never made it to the majors this season. Stewart was playing for the Cubs triple-A affiliate Iowa Cubs this year. Stewart had played in 40 games for Iowa, splitting time between third base, and first base. Stewart also has experience playing second base as well. To say Stewart was not having a good year is an understatement. Stewart was batting just a paltry .168, (19 for 113) with five home runs, and 20 RBI in 133 plate appearances.

In December of 2011, Stewart was traded by the Rockies to the Cubs for Tyler Colvin, and DJ LeMahieu. Stewart played for Colorado for five seasons, and once hit 25 home runs back in 2009, and 18 home runs back in his 2010 season. Unfortunately for Stewart he never regained his power stroke.

Stewart’s first season with the Cubs, last season in 2012, he only batted .201 (36 for 179) with five home runs in 202 plate appearances, and 55 games. Stewart was non-tendered last season by the Cubs, and then resigned and out-righted to Iowa.

Stewart then had a huge falling out with the Cubs, over a twitter incident. Apparently Stewart was not happy about being placed in the minor leagues and took to twitter to vent his frustrations about the club. Too bad for him, the club saw his little twitter outburst and wasn’t very pleased. Stewart had tweeted that he was not happy “rotting away” in the minors. Stewart eventually apologized for the tweets, but was suspended without pay. Finally the club and the third baseman parted ways for good. The Dodgers then picked him up.

I know it’s easy to get upset, but this is just a depth signing. Stewart will be playing in Albuquerque, and is unlikely to see any time with the big club anytime soon. Unless everyone gets hurt again, then who knows. You know what they say, the Isotopes need players too.

Stewart is a Long Beach native, who bats left handed. He was originally drafted by the Rockies in the first round of the 2003 amateur draft. (the tenth pick overall). Stewart is a career .232 hitter, has smacked 59 major league home runs, and has a career .736 OPS. He is owed two million dollars this season, and is a super two player. He has one more year of salary arbitration in 2014, and then can become a free agent in 2015. I’ve also just realized that this is way more than I ever planned on writing about Ian Stewart.