Robert Barr Interviews Former Dodger And Glacier Pilot Darren Dreifort


Here is something interesting for you guys to check out while we enjoy some down time during the all-star break.

Robert Barr is the curator, creator, and editor of the site called This is a site dedicated to the history of the Anchorage Glacier Pilots. The Glacier Pilots are an Alaskan summer Baseball team belonging to the Alaskan Baseball league. Yes there is Baseball everywhere, even in the snow covered landscape of Alaska.

Darren Dreifort-Pic courtesy of

The Alaskan Baseball League or ABL for short is an amateur collegiate summer Baseball league in Alaska. There are currently six teams in the ABL. There are two teams in Anchorage, the Glacier Piolts, and the Anchorage Bucs. Other teams include the Alaska Goldpanners of Fairbanks, the Chugiak-Eagle River Chinooks, Mat-Su Miners, and the Peninsula Oilers. The ABL is a member and regularly sends teams to the National Baseball Congress World Series, which is annually held in Wichita Kansas.

Many Major League players have played for the Alaskan Baseball League, and even the Glacier Pilots. Some of the ABL alumni are even former Dodgers, like Mickey Hatcher, and Darren Dreifort.

Apparently Robert is starting a new series in which he will be interviewing past ABL, and Glacier Pilot alumni. The first interview is with former Dodger Darren Dreifort.

Of course we remember Dreifort well. He’s more lovingly referred to by us as (Bumfort).  We named him as the number 6 LA Dodger Bum of all time on our top ten Dodger Bum countdown. Please don’t forget that the list is all in good fun and reflects only on his pitching skills and career longevity.  Dreifort is of course a very nice guy who is still involved with the Dodger organization as a minor league coach. Dreifort pitched for the Glacier Pilots from 1992-1993, and went to the National Baseball Congress World Series in 93. Dreifort pitched for the Dodgers from 1994-2004.

Dreifort talks about having the opportunity to play in the ABL and the National baseball Congress. The former pitcher discusses going fly fishing, end of season parties, former teammates and coaches from his Wichita days, and giving up a home run to his brother.

Robert will be continuing the series in recent weeks with interviews with other former ABL players, and Major Leaguers, which include Dodger hitting coach Mark McGwire, former Dodger Mickey Hatcher, and other major leaguers such as Ron Roenicke, and Eric Hinske. You can watch the Dreifort interview above, and check out Robert’s site to find more information on the Alaskan Glacier Pilots, and the Alaskan Baseball League here