Is Yasiel Puig Going Hollywood?


For a guy who has avoided much of the media blitz and spurred anger from some of these same outlets for not participating in the Puigmania they have created, the 22-year old Dodger was very busy during the All-Star break hobnobbing with celebrities. Puig was photographed mixing with Playmates at a party at the Playboy Mansion adorned in a very dapper looking suit to boot. Then there was the photo of Puig with Snoop Dogg- or is it Snoop Lion now? After the festivities at the Playboy Mansion, Puig took part in the ESPYS and walked the red carpet wearing a snazzy pair of shades. While these pictures sure make us cringe, can we really blame the guy?

Yasiel Puig is living out his dream of playing baseball on the biggest stage there is, and he happens to man the outfield in Los Angeles where the movie industry is an iconic part of the history and culture of the city. Mannywood once brought us the eccentricities of the charismatic outfielder who embraced the glitz and gleam of Hollywood, and now will Yasiel’s name be commemorated in white block letters upon the hills behind Dodger Stadium where the Think Blue sign once sat? Or will the distraction of Hollywood parties and beautiful pop stars sway the young ballplayer towards the darker and more negative side of the lifestyle? There has to be a balance, and while the Dodgers can’t tell Puig who to associate with we hope that he doesn’t get involved in the wrong circle.

Yasiel Puig tweeted out that Chris Brown is his “friend.” This is eerily reminiscent of Matt Kemp‘s relationship with Chris Brown’s on and off again girlfriend Rhianna. Many fans decried the relationship between Kemp and Rhianna citing that it was a huge distraction for him. I can’t blame Kemp for falling for the Caribbean beauty, but Puig’s involvement with Chris Brown is a bit concerning in my opinion. I’m not going to dig in to the gossip and the history involved with Chris Brown, but he’s not exactly the role model I’d like to see Puig hang out with. Can’t Puig hang out with family oriented Hanley Ramirez or perhaps

Will the big lights of the city distract Yasiel Puig? Photo: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

laid back Adrian Gonzalez?

I fear that Puig will be dating Nicki Minaj or the like by summer’s end. Truthfully, as long as Puig concentrates on his game and maintains his level of dedication, then I don’t care who he parties with or who he dates. He’s a 22-year old guy who has just broke free from the oppression of Cuba and is living his dream. Although Puig is still immature and likes to drive fast, I hope that the Dodgers can guide Puig in the right direction in order for him to have a long and successful career in Los Angeles. We want to see a blockbuster in Puig and not a box office flop.