Dodgers 3 10 0 Dodgers 3 10 0 Dodgers 3 10 0

Hanley Ramirez Doubles Home Winning Run in Extras as Dodgers Take Series vs. Nats


Dodgers 3 10 0

Nationals  1 10 2

WP- Withrow (1-0)

LP- Stammen (5-5)

S- Jansen (11)


“Though this be madness, yet there is method in’it.” ― William Shakespeare, Hamlet

Hanley was supposed to be named Hamlet. Like a king of the diamond, Hanley drove in the winning run in the tenth inning Saturday night as the Dodgers took game two and the series in Washington. Zack Greinke was not sharp like he was during his last magnificent start, but luckily Washington left 12 men on base as Greinke pitched out of many jams. Gio Gonzalez dominated the Dodgers, and struck out 11 over 6 innings pitched. The two teams were locked in a 1-1 tie until the tenth inning when the Dodgers struck. Adrian Gonzalez and Hanley Ramirez both doubled, and a second insurance run is cashed in on a Ethier sacrifice fly which hits Hanley in the ankle while he’s crossing home plate.

Zack Greinke has to work hard in this one, but only allowed one run. Photo: Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

The Dodger bullpen pitched beautifully, and not one allowed a run through four innings of work. Chris Withrow continues to impress, and he strikes out Bryce Harper for a very important out in the ninth inning which was good for his first career win.  Kenley Jansen also continues to impress as the rightful Dodgers closer, and the right-hander picked up his second save in as many games. The Dodgers fought tooth and nail for this one, and even though Yasiel Puig went 0-for-4 with two strikeouts, the Blue pitching and hot bat of Hanley kept the Dodgers on the winning side. What a great way to start the second half!

Gio Gonzalez, equipped with his red glove, walks Mark Ellis who leads off the top of the first inning. Yasiel Puig trips out of the box as he hits a groundout to third. MEllis takes second. Adrian Gonzalez grounds out to second, but MEllis moves over to third. Hanley Ramirez strikes out swinging on a Gio curveball. Gonzalez pitched high and inside to Hanley to brush him off the plate, then he went after him with two consecutive breaking balls.

Zack Greinke walks Anthony Rendon with one out in the home half of the first. Ryan Zimmerman singles to left field. Bryce Harper draws a walk thanks to the ump’s tight strike zone. After Zack goes 3-2 on scruffy bearded Jayson Werth, he gets him to pop out to Tim Federowicz in foul territory near the plate. Ian Desmond pops out to Mark Ellis, and somehow the bases loaded crisis is diverted after 24 pitches.

Juan Uribe and Andre Ethier strike out in the second inning. Scott Van Slyke draws a two-out walk and is the second Dodger base runner of the game. Tim Federowicz grounds out to third to end the inning.

Chad Tracy doubles to the right field corner to lead off the bottom of the second for the Nats. Wilson Ramos grounds out, and Gio Gonzalez sacrifice bunts as Tracy moves to third on both plays. Andre Ethier runs down a well hit ball by Denard Span to center field, and the Nats strand Tracy at third.

Zack Greinke doubles off the center field wall, his second double of the season, to lead off the top of the third inning! He almost went deep. Mark Ellis isn’t able to beat out a bunt for a single, but the sacrifice moves Greinke to third base. Gio Gonzalez gets Puig again as he strikes out swinging on a fastball this time. Gonzo grounds out, and Greinke’s double is wasted.

Rendon is called out on strikes to open the bottom of the third. That’s Greinke first strikeout of the game. Zimmerman singles for the second

Gio Gonzalez whiffs everyone in the Dodger lineup except for Greinke himself. Photo. Mandatory Credit: Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

time against Greinke. Harper follows with a single, and the Nats are in business with two runners on and one out. Werth flies out to right field, and Puig is there to make the catch. Ian Desmond pops out to second, and once again Greinke escapes unscathed.

Hanley Ramirez singles in the top of the fourth. Uribe and Ethier both strike out, and Van Slyke flies out to end the inning.

Tracy singles to lead off the bottom of the fourth, and Ramos grounds into a force. Mark Ellis isn’t able to transfer the ball smoothly to complete the double play. FedEx takes matters into his own hands by picking up a little grounder bunted by Gonzalez to get the lead runner out at second! Span grounds into a force out to end the inning. We head to the fifth in the scoreless game.

Greinke gets another hit in the top of the fifth, and with that single to center field he is now 2-for-2. FedEx, MEllis, and Puig all go down on strikes consecutively against Gio, and the lefty ends up striking out the side.

Greinke finally has a 1-2-3 inning in the fifth.

Adrian Gonzalez is struck out by the other Gonzalez, and Gio now has 10 whiffs on the evening. Hanley singles, and that’s his second hit of the game and he’s now hitting just .388. Uribe flies out. With Ethier at bat, Hanley steals second for his fifth stolen base of the season. Ethier whiffs yet again, and the Dodgers strand Hanley again.

Greinke retires Werth on a fly out, and he is still able to channel something to strike out Ian Desmond on three pitches. Then he allows another hit to Chad Tracy, and he walks Ramos to put himself in yet another jam. Pinch-hitter Roger Bernadina who dunks a hit in front of Puig. Tracy scores before the third out is recorded on second base when FedEx throws out Bernadina. 1-0 Nationals.

That means Gio Gonzalez is out of the game after pitching 6 shutout innings while allowing 4 hits and striking out 11 while walking 2 on 98 pitches.

Tim Federowicz showed off his skills behind the plate tonight. Photo: Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Drew Storen will come in from the Washington bullpen to start the seventh inning at Nationals Park. Pinch-hitter Skip Schumaker proceeds to double off the center field wall with two out! A true rarity that is a Schumaker extra base hit. That’s his 10th double of the season. Mark Ellis comes up clutch by stroking a Storen slider to left field, and Schumaker brings in the Dodger run to tie it up 1-1! Storen uncorks a wild pitch, and MEllis moves to third. Puig strikes out for the second time, but the Dodgers are able to plate a run at least.

Zack Greinke pitched 6 innings and allowed 1 run on 7 hits with 3 strikeouts and 3 walks on 98.

Jose  Dominguez comes out of the Dodger pen in the bottom of the seventh to relieve Greinke. Span singles, and then Rendon is called out at second after Dominguez picks up the bunt and scorches a strikes to Hanley at second. Davey Johnson briefly comes out to argue. Zimmerman singles, and Mattingly will have to bring in Paco with two runners on and one out to face Bryce Harper. Like last night, Paco blows away Harper. Don Mattingly will come in and make his patented double switch to bring in Ronald Belisario. Nick Punto will come in to play second base. Werth grounds into a force out, and Hanley is just able to throw out Zimmerman at second.

Tyler Clippard comes in to pitch the eighth inning for Washington. Hanley hits a deep fly ball to the center field warning track, but it’s just a long out. Uribe reaches on a throwing error by Zimmerman who double clutches than air mails a throw over Tracy’s head and into the stands. That’s his 15th error of the season . They pitch around Dre, and rightfully so since Carl Crawford is on deck. Crawford grounds out to first, and the Dodgers can’t cash in the error.

Desmond singles to lead-off the bottom of the eighth. Puig throws the ball back in hard, and Desmond barks something to Puig for attempting to

Yasiel Puig is slumping. Photo: Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

throw him out. With Tracy at-bat, Desmond steals second. Tracy grounds out, and Desmond moves to third. Ramos walks. Scott Hairston, Jerry’s little brother, strikes out. Mattingly will bring in J.P. Howell to pitch to Denard Span. Federowicz makes two nice plays to block balls in the dirt and prevent the wild pitch. Span flies out to Crawford in left, and the Dodgers dodge yet another bullet.

Rafael Soriano will pitch the ninth inning again for the Nats. Last night it didn’t go so well for Soriano. FedEx, who has shined defensively, leads off with a single. Mattingly puts a hit-and-run on with FedEx at first for some very strange reason, but Punto flies out to deep right field. JHair hits a little nubber to first, and FedEx advances to second. Puig strikes out for the third time, and he goes 0-for-4 while leaving 4 men on base.

Chris Withrow will pitch the bottom of the ninth, and he retires Rendon, Zimmerman, and Harper in order including a swinging strikeout of Bryce Harper!

We head into extras as Craig Stammen comes in to pitch the top of the tenth. Adrian Gonzalez leads off with a double down the left field line. Hanley does what he does best, driving in runs. He crushes a doubles off the center field wall to bring in the second Dodgers run! We love you Hanley! Uribe bunts Hanley to third, and the Nats will make another pitching change. Ian Krol, the lefty, will face Ethier. Dre flies out to Harper in left who throws and hits Hanley in the ankle as he’s trying to score from third. Hanley is safe, and the Dodgers score another! Carl Crawford finally gets a hit, a two-out single. FedEx is safe at first as Zimmerman’s throw isn’t held on to by Tracy for an error. Punto grounds into a force out to end the inning, but the Dodgers take a two-run lead.

Bryce Harper singles in the third inning. Photo: Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Kenley Jansen will try to shut the door on the Nats in the bottom of the tenth. Jansen pitches a perfect inning and strikes out Werth and Desmond to give the Dodgers the win!

After taking this series in Washington, the Dodgers are now 2 games above .500 at 49-47. They are just 1 game behind Arizona as we await the outcome of the AZ-SF game. If AZ loses, the Dodgers will be within a 1/2 game of first with Kershaw set to take the mound looking for the sweep on Sunday.

Tomorrow enjoy some Dodger baseball with breakfast at 10:35 a.m. Jordan Zimmermann will go up against pitching virtuoso Clayton Kershaw in the finale.