Dominguez Disabled, Marmol Called Up


The Dodgers have announced the purchase of Carlos Marmol’s contract and the optioning of right hander Jose Dominguez. What that means is the Dodgers have sent the 22 year old Dominguez back down to the minors and called up Carlos Marmol. Now you may be surprised but I am not as upset about this as you may think. (Correction, the club just announced Dominguez will be placed on the DL with a quad strain)

First of all Dominguez while having a powerful 100 MPH fastball, was not as good as we all think. Dominguez posted a 2.16 ERA in 8.1 innings, allowing 11 hits and three runs. Dominguez walked three and whiffed only four. So despite his blazing fastball, he just wasn’t missing bats. he has loads of potential, and I believe will have a great career as a late innings flame thrower, but he needs some polishing. He also appeared to be walking off the mound gingerly after pitching in last night’s 14-5 win. The Dodgers reported it to be a tweaked quad muscle.

Marmol will join the Dodgers-David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

As for Marmol, the Dodgers had him pitching down in Albuquerque to try and work out the kinks of his new pitching mechanics that the Dodgers have been trying to teach him. Marmol pitched in three games for Rancho recently, and then two games for Albuquerque. Although that totals to just five innings, and that can’t be enough to straighten out Marmol’s long and established history of command problems. Marmol allowed two runs on four hits in those five frames, but walked only one and whiffed four.

Dominguez just wasn’t all that great. He was somewhat shaky at times, and wasn’t missing bats. For a guy that throws 100 MPH, you should be missing more bats and whiffing more than four guys in eight frames. I know it’s a small sample size, but I have no problem with him going back to the minors for a short while to work on his control, and or heal his quad injury. Perhaps he need to develop another pitch? We should see Dominguez back with the club at some point, probably when rosters expand in September.

Chicago Cubs relief pitcher Carlos Marmol (49) looks on from the dugout against the Pittsburgh Pirates during the first inning at PNC Park.-Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

And how will Marmol do? I have no idea. I have a hard time believing he’s just going to be magically fixed. But if the Dodgers are going to use him at all, then they need to see what he has. I have no problem with giving him a chance as long as the Dodgers don’t use him as closer, or bring him in a lot of high leverage situations. Listen up Donnie! If Marmol does suck, then rest assured I will have no problem writing another article blasting management for the decision. You know well by now, I have no problem with criticizing management when I have to.  But I’m sick of being negative, so unless Marmol fails, I say let’s just hope for the best and enjoy this hot streak while we can. Everyone deserves a second chance, Marmol included.

Marmol pitched in 31 games for the Cubs this season before the Dodgers acquired him  back on July 2. He posted a 2-4 record, 5.86 ERA, and had two saves in 27 innings pitched. Marmol walked 21 this year and whiffed 32 while posting a 10.4 whiff per nine rate.