Trade Deadline About Nothing For Dodgers, And Rightfully So


The hipsters ruin everything man. The trade deadline came and went with the Dodgers not doing anything as I figured they would do. Which is nothing of course. I am glad by the way. But the trade deadline this year was boring. Very boring. Almost as boring as the all-star game this year. But the hipsters ruined that too.

The all-star game used to be fun before the Fox hipsters took over, peppering it with Chevrolet ads, and seventh inning Neil Diamond sing-alongs. Those same hipsters are now trying to ruin the trade deadline. They’re doing it through annoyingly corny hashtags. The latest is #Hugwatch. How lame. Basically when a player is traded he’ll hug his teammates goodbye, and everyone tweets #Hugwatch. It makes everyone feel all warm and fuzzy, and makes me want to barf.

Butera I hereby make you an isotope! Poof!-Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

The biggest deal of the day was Ian Kennedy being traded to the Padres for practically nothing. What in the world were the Snakes thinking? The guy is just 28 years old. He won 21 games and had a sub 3.00 ERA two years ago. The Snakes got Joe Thatcher, a crap Decentish relief prospect, and a draft pick for him. Far be it for me to complain. When your enemies are making mistakes don’t interrupt them.

That was the trade deadline. Right there. That was it. The Dodgers stood pat, which was absolutely the right move. With the team in first place and on a historic winning streak, there is no reason to mess with team chemistry. The Dodgers were looking for a reliever and they signed Brian Wilson. That was their trade deadline. Blackbeard is the Dodgers trade deadline.

That is fine by me. No the Dodgers did not trade for Michael Young. No the Dodgers did not trade Andre Ethier. No the Dodgers did not trade Joc Pederson. No the Dodgers did not trade for Chase Utley, or Cliff Lee, and they did not trade Zach Lee, or any other Lee. Now we can move on from this boring day and get back to Baseball. We should be talking about this historic win streak and match-ups. The trade deadline should not overshadow the Dodger’s winning streak. Best for the team to focus on Baseball and not on ludicrous trade rumors.

Oh wait the Dodgers did do something. They acquired 29 year old minor league catcher Drew Butera from the Twins for a player to be named later. Butera is a career .182 hitter who has played in only two major leagues this year. The guy has minor league fodder written all over him. So basically the Dodgers stood pat at the deadline, and I couldn’t be happier.

Nothing happened at the trade deadline so I will leave you with this post about nothing. This is a nothing post that will make you think about nothing. And it’s boring. But at least the hipsters will leave it alone. See you at the August 31 waiver deadline when the Dodgers acquire Luke Gregerson for Ross Stripling!