Time Warner Cable, CBS, and the foul bureaucrats that run those corp..."/> Time Warner Cable, CBS, and the foul bureaucrats that run those corp..."/>

Time Warner, CBS Strike Out, Dodger Fans Lose


Time Warner Cable, CBS, and the foul bureaucrats that run those corporations have decided to kick their paying customers out into the streets, metaphorically speaking. Due to CBS rate increases, Time Warner cable has effectively pulled CBS off the air. This effects many Dodger fans since KCAL 9 is owned by CBS. Because of this, channel 9 has been pulled from the air in Los Angeles as well depriving thousands of innocent Dodger fans access to Dodger games.

Time Warner was unable to come to an agreement with CBS and finally pulled the channel off the air sometime yesterday afternoon. The deadline had been extended an extra week with the new deadline being this past Friday. A generic message is now currently displayed on KCAL 9 with no expected announcement of when KCAL 9 will be back on the air.

But wait there’s more, this thing gets even more stupid. Time Warner has given the excuse that they are “protecting” their customers from outrageous rate increases from CBS. According to them the rate increases will translate to price increases for us. That’s quite a way of rationalizing screwing their customers. Considering that we will never see a cent of the “savings” that Time Warner cable is promising to pass to us, meaning they don’t care about providing customers with what they paid for. I don’t care about CBS, give us back our Dodger Baseball! How dare you Time Warner! Seriously, HOW DARE YOU!  As a way of giving the middle finger to their remaining customers, Time Warner will be airing crappy Starz and family channel programming. Gee thanks Time Warner!

The only saving grace is that the blackout has come at a lucky time in between KCAL broadcasts. Today’s game is on Fox, and tomorrow’s game is on Prime Ticket. But Monday and Tuesday night’s games at St. Louis are both on KCAL 9 and half of Los Angeles will be unable to view those games. Time Warner has already preempted several Dodger games earlier in the season to broadcast Hockey games.

Next season we won’t have to put up with this nonsense since the Dodgers will be moving to their own regional network on yes, Time Warner cable. So if this were next year we wouldn’t have a problem. There are 17 remaining Dodger games this season on KCAL 9, and unless Time Warner and CBS come to an agreement, Dodger fans will be unable to view those final games on KCAL 9.

What makes this even more frustrating is the denial of Dodger access during their historic pennant run. Eh tu brute Time Warner? This affects everyone, even Stacie and myself, as we are both Time Warner customers. I could care less about losing CBS, but losing KCAL 9 makes me enraged with fury.

I firmly believe that all Dodger fans all across the globe should have the right to free 24/7 Dodger access, regardless of location, rates, or service provider. Thousands of Los Angeles Dodger fans will have to find some other way to watch those 17 remaining Dodger games on KCAL 9, which could include switching to dish. Time Warner is just digging their own grave and alienating more than half of their customer base. you can also watch the game if you have an antenna which can pick up the local broadcast

Depriving innocent Dodger fans their Dodger Baseball is a very scummy thing to do. Please don’t take away our Dodger games Time Warner. We don’t care about stupid CBS, we just want to be able to watch our beloved Dodgers. Don’t take that away from us. Give us back our Boys in Blue!