Topps MLB Archive Prints Capture Iconic Baseball Card Designs


Have you ever wanted to take your old Baseball cards you saved up from your childhood and blow them up into poster size and hang them on your wall? Well now you can with Topps Archive wall prints. The Baseball card company Topps has unveiled the next generation of Baseball Cards. They are called Archive prints, or Archive prints wall art. Topps takes their iconic Baseball cards and digitally remasters them into wall sized, or poster sized artwork you can hang on your wall.

The printed wall mounted cards are modeled after the actual physical Topps Baseball cards from the archived eras. So what I mean is that your 1961 Roger Maris card will look exactly like the actual card. The archived has over 1,000 original pieces of cards from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s in the collection, including Tommy Lasorda, and many other Dodgers.  Every detail of the print is designed to retain the original look and feel of the cards.

I thought this was pretty cool. Take a look at the Tommy Lasorda print below. Sure looks pretty life like to me. I wouldn’t mind hanging some of these on my walls.

Topps Wall size Baseball Card Print

I asked the good people at Topps some questions regarding the collection, the design process, and each unique digital print is made. Here are the responses from Topps, including a complete listing of all players in the collection, and a video of exactly how the cards are designed and printed. There are over 40 Dodgers currently in the collection including Tommy.

1. How are these prints made?  How are they enlarged?

Archive Prints are created in a complicated multi-stage process:

1.Remaster original Topps baseball card

2.Scan baseball card to create a digital copy

3.Expertly retouch and enhance digital print

4.Printing Archive Print

 Custom made to Order Archive Prints are available exclusively at

Attached is a sample image. A complete listing of players can be viewed here:  

A video link about the complete Topps Archive Print ideation and creation can be viewed at

2. How did you choose the cards/players for the prints? Were they chosen at random? (same question for the specific years like all the 1988 topps cards etc.)

We are adding additional players and years daily to our Archive Prints collection to ensure that fans of every major league team are supported. Currently we have prints of players from the 70s, 80s and 90s and will soon add prints from the 60s. Players are selected based on player rights and Topps ability to publish such assets. Topps has rights to more than 5000 players and 70 MLB Hall of Famers

3. How many Dodgers do you have in the collection?

The Dodgers collection is one of our largest with over 40 players.

All Archive Prints are officially licensed by Major League Baseball, the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, and the Major League Alumni Marketing Association, and are available exclusively at

A complete listing of players can be viewed here: Topps Archive Prints Complete Listing. You can follow Topps on twitter #toppsnation