Dodgers Lay Giant Turd In Epic Turdfest

Giants    19 22 1Dodgers 3 8 3WP-Lincecum-10-13LP-Nolasco-13-10HR-Castellanos-1-Pence-23-Belt-16

Welp, that’s a giant turd on the front page. It’s the perfect symbol for tonight’s game. It was an epic turdfest tonight, as the Dodgers were destroyed by the Giants by a shocking score of 19-3. Starter Ricky Nolasco could only retire four batters. The fact that Drew Butera was batting lead-off, Nick Buss was batting second, and Dee Gordon was playing second base at one point in the game, should tell you all you need to know about this awful game. Hunter Pence his a grand slam.


This was probably one of the worst games I have ever seen in person at Dodger Stadium. Yes, Stacie and I were both at this game. This was the worst Dodger game I have ever seen in person. And Stacie made me sit through the entire turdfest. Thank you Stac. Really. The Dodgers are 11.5 games ahead in first place with 14 games left to play, but that doesn’t mean they have to just give away these last 14 games. Come on Dodgers, don’t torture us with these crapfests anymore please.

Honestly I was ready to leave by the third inning, even though I have never left a Dodger game early in my life. That was how bad it was. Hanley Ramirez, Andre Ethier, and Carl Crawford are all hurt again. The Dodgers have lost 7 of their last ten and really now are resembling the horrendous lifeless team they were in April and May. Their magic number remains at 4, and are they ever going to get this division clinched? They have to stop giving away games in order to do that. Anyways, I;m not recapping this one. Sorry guys, but I;m just not. The whole day was crap. We didn’t even get Adrian Gonzalez‘s autograph because he couldn’t bother to sit and sign autographs for more than five minutes at La Gran Failure. Well, if you really are a masochist, you can check out the box score here.

We’ll be back tomorrow as Ryan Vogelsong will counter Edinson Volquez in the final game of the series and home stand as the Dodgers try and salvage a split, at 1:10 PM tomorrow afternoon. Let’s hope the Dodgers actually show up tomorrow, and not this triple A team we saw tonight.

Nick Buss is a major league player.