Trevor Cahill (7-10) L: Trevor Cahill (7-10) L: Trevor Cahill (7-10) L:

Dodgers Offense Lazy in Loss to the D-Backs


Dodgers 1 4 0
D-Backs 2 2 0

W: Trevor Cahill (7-10)
L: Hyun-jin Ryu (13-7)
S: Brad Ziegler (11)
HR: Paul Goldschmidt (33)

Credit: Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

In the first inning, the Arizona Diamondbacks scored two runs to take the lead on a two run home run by first baseman Paul Goldschmidt off Dodgers starting pitcher Hyun-jin Ryu. It was Ryu’s only mistake of the game as Ryu went on to throw eight innings with two runs, two hits and one walk given up. Ryu was very solid tonight, but had no run support from the team offense. There was not much the offense could do tonight unfortunately because D-Backs starter Trevor Cahill was shutting down the line up until the sixth inning, when he suddenly broke down and gave up three walks and a hit to the bottom half of the batting order. Cahill gave up one run, two hits and four walks for 5.1innings. The Dodgers lost 2-1, letting Ryu’s performance go to waste.

It was base loaded with no outs and Ryu, who had walked, could have scored on first baseman Adrian Gonzalez‘s at-bat, but Gonzalez hit a shallow fly ball to left and Ryu couldn’t score. Right fielder Yasiel Puig, with one out, worked Cahill for a walk to score Ryu. Shortstop Nick Punto and second baseman Mark Ellis each moved over a base. There was chance for the Dodgers to take the lead, but catcher A.J. Ellis strikes out and center fielder Skip Schumaker grounds out to second, ending the threat and leaving three men on base.

Credit: Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

The Dodgers’ approaches at the plate were terrible, they managed to get four hits in nine innings. The Dodgers bats were very lazy tonight. It was very hard for me to watch the game. It felt like the Dodgers had gone 1-2-3 every inning until the ninth inning, when they got two hits in a row. The Dodgers could’ve done some damage but Dodgers manager Don Mattingly makes a bad decision by having third baseman Juan Uribe bunt and no outs with left fielder Nick Buss, the rookie, on deck. Uribe bunted pinch hitter Michael Young, who hit in place of catcher A.J. Ellis, into an out at third. With one out, Buss grounded out to first, but was able to move the runners over a base. Matt Kemp, who was just activated off the disabled list tonight for the first time since July, comes up to pinch hit for Ryu and strikes out on four pitches to end the game.

Honestly, I hope the Dodgers have a team meeting tonight or tomorrow before the game to get everyone to wake up and get on the same page. The offense needs to generate so they can give pitchers Zack Greinke and Clayton Kershaw, a lot of run support in the next two games so the team can win the division. I don’t want the Dodgers to waste anymore good pitching outings. The magic number is four! Four! The Dodgers offense is not trying hard enough. It seems their focus on the division is blurred in their minds at the moment. I know that Greinke and Kershaw will do their part, but will the Dodgers offense do theirs?

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Greinke will be on the mound to try to trim the magic number from four games to two games and go for his 15th win of the season. Greinke’s record is (14-3) and has an ERA of 2.74 for the season. Greinke’s counterpart, Patrick Corbin, will be pitching for the Snakes and vying for his 15th win of the season as well. Corbin has a (14-6) record and an ERA of 2.92. Come on Dodgers!!!! Get motivated, play well and clinch the division already! GO BLUE!