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Sweet Relief! Dodgers Win NL West-The Celebration


I never had a doubt. alright, alright, I am joking. I’ve had doubts since opening day, but who didnt right? The Dodgers finally gave themselves and their fans some sweet relief as they rallied to beat the Snakes 7-6 tonight to earn a split of the four game series, and most importantly clinch the National League West title. That’s what it felt like. Sweet relief. We were all getting restless.

The Dodgers had to kick and claw in order to do it as the Dbacks did not make things easy for them. They never do. The Dodgers had gone up 3-0 on a three-run home from Hanley Ramirez. But Ricky Nolasco turned in his second straight poor performance by giving up six runs to the Snakes in the bottom of the third. With the Dodgers down 6-3, it looked like they would have to bring the champagne with them into San Diego, as a loss would have meant the magic number staying at 2.

Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw (center, top) celebrates after beating the Arizona Diamondbacks 7-6 at Chase Field.-Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Dodgers win the West!-Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

You know I have a very frustrated love of the Dodgers. If you follow us on twitter you know how I’ve been pretty emotional this season. It’s like a fathers love for a child. Sometimes your children frustrate you, but in the end you always love them unconditionally. That’s how I feel about the Dodgers most of the time. I’ve been critical and expressed a lot of frustration about the team over twitter. I was very upset when Nolasco served up six runs in the third. I did not want to see this drag on any longer.

Thank god the Dodgers decided to get up off the floor. But they had to rally to do it. They scored two runs in the sixth, off of a Scott Van Slyke RBI double, and a Michael Young sacrifice fly. Then Hanley Ramirez’s second home run of the game in the seventh tied it, and A.J. Ellis’s homer in the eighth put the Dodgers ahead for good. All of my frustration quickly melted away as Kenley Jansen recorded the final out, a fly ball to left from Aaron Hill. Skip Schumaker made the catch for the final out, and the Dodgers had won the NL west. The Dodgers become not only the first team in Baseball to clinch this year, but the fourth team ever to go from last place on July 1, to finishing first place. This is also the earliest they have ever clinched.

Puig-Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

I wanted to share some of the photos from the celebration at Chase Field. The Snakes had asked the Dodgers not to come back out onto the field once they had left. They could celebrate all they wanted, but once they went into the clubhouse they were ordered not to come back out. Well screw that!

The Dodgers got the monkey off their back, and released a lot of built up pressure and stress as they poured the bubbly and sprayed each other with champagne in the clubhouse. They were all wearing their “2013 NL West Champion shirts, and hats. Someone had on a Dodgers own the west shirt, that looked custom made. Finally the Dodgers ran back out onto the field and jumped into the center field pool. Someone suggested on twitter that they should piss in the pool before they leave. I love that idea. See you in hell Arizona! Yasiel Puig danced around the clubhouse. What a wonderful moment for everyone.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

I am so relieved right now. This is for all the frustrating moments this season. The ohfers, the bunting, the meltdowns. The blown games. The injuries. The brawls. We’ve experienced them all. This makes it all worth it. Stacie and I have a dream of seeing the Dodgers win the World Series. This is the first step to us witnessing our dream. We may be loud and boisterous, and we complain, and yell and fight over twitter. But at the end of the day, it’s all because of our passion for the Dodgers. We all love the Dodgers, and I hope to see each and every one of you in the postseason. Here’s to the Dodgers! And here’s to all of you! Cheers Dodger fans! Onward and upward guys. The journey continues.

Now Don Mattingly can play Nick Buss and Drew Butera until October 3rd to his heart’s content!