Was The 2013 Dodger Season Successful?


What defines a successful season? That’s the question I would like to ask. This winter is moving at the pace of a snail. It’s not just Dodger news that is slow, but all of Baseball right now. With the news being slow, I would like to ask everyone what they thought of the recently completed Dodger season. What do you think defines a successful season?

Everyone has different opinions on this. Some people believe that the only successful season is one in which the club wins the World Series. Others believe a winning season is a success. For some it’s the playoffs, or a division crown. While others, it’s based on how they finished from one year to the next. Everyone has a different goal. I think it’s more complicated than that, and there is no right answer here.

The Dodgers were on the verge of having a lost season. On June 22, they were 12 games under .500 and buried in last place. The injuries mounted, Don Mattingly was on the edge of getting fired, and the Dodgers almost lost the season. But they turned it around, going on one of the most prolific runs in Baseball history. The 42-8 run vaulted them into first place, and into the postseason. The Dodgers won the division crown for the first time since 2009, finishing with a record of 92-70. The club defeated the Atlanta Braves in the division series, but lost to the Cardinals in a six game NLCS. This was despite losing arguably their best hitter, Hanley Ramirez for half of the season, they’re starting center fielder to a multitude of injuries, several starting pitchers, having to rebuild another bullpen on the fly, and an unproductive bench.

When all was said and done, the Dodgers finished six games better than the 2012 Dodgers, but were able to get much farther. Before you say that the season was a failure, consider this. Only four teams every season make it to the LCS round. It’s unbelievably hard to win a world series these days. Especially now, with the expanded playoffs.

I know, me being positive is a change right? But I’m only negative when there is good reason to be. When the club was mired in last place, that was reason enough. But now, it’s a different story. Once the team started winning, I shut up. Ok, Ok, I still found things to complain about from time to time, but you can’t expect me to completely stop complaining because it’s too much fun.

My vote is the Dodgers had a great season. They turned around what was appearing to be a lost season and got to the doorstep of the World Series. They came so very close, and I am proud of the Boys in Blue. I think with a few minor tweaks, and a healthy roster, the club could be even better next season. So what do you think? Was the Dodger’s 2013 season successful? What is your criteria for a successful season? Let us know in the poll above. The Boys in Blue will be back in full force in the spring. The 2014 season will be upon us soon enough, and we’ll take the journey together all over again. Friends, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Go Blue in 2014!