Puig Hits A Home Run In The Community


Some opposing fans really dislike Yasiel Puig. They call him arrogant, and brash, and other terrible names. But you know, they don’t really know the real Yasiel Puig. Sure he may be an impetuous child at times, but most times he is a caring person with feelings just like anyone else. Watching the video below you can get a good feel of what a good-natured guy he is. Puig isn’t some cocky monster showboating and mouthing off to everyone.

Check out the video as Puig connects for his biggest hit of the season. Last week Puig invited some Los Angeles inner city little leaguers to Dodger Stadium for an entire day of hanging out, touring, eating Dodger dogs, and posing for pictures with Puig himself. Puig plays catch, pitches batting practice, and then takes the future Puigs’ on a tour of Dodger Stadium. He shows them his locker in the clubhouse and then takes them for some mid-day snacks, which is a buffet with Dodger Dogs. He even sits down with the kids and eats with them. During one scene, Puig takes the time to stop and help one of the younger kids to put together his Dodger dog.

After lunch, Puig has the kids back onto the field for a group photo and autograph session in which he yells “school” at the camera while posing with the kids. After this even it was off to the LA children’s hospital to visit with some sick kids. Most of the kids in this hospital are all huge Dodger fans, and Puig along with friend Laker Forward Pau Gasol tour the facility to bring some joy into these kid’s lives. One kid tells Puig that his father went crazy over him all season long, to which Puig replies, “yeah we played ok”.

Puig and Gasol toured the Hospital posing for pictures, talking to the kids, and signing more autographs. During one emotional scene, Puig comforts one of the children’s mothers, hugging her and telling her in Spanish that everything would be ok. It was pretty touching.

Puig is more than some phenom outfielder, or troublemaker, he is a person. So before you Puig haters start bashing him, you might want to watch this video here. Puig is just a young kid having some fun. Isn’t that what Baseball is all about?

Honestly, Puig is just a big kid himself. With a big heart.