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Sportsbooks Indicate Dodgers Remain Clear Favorite To Win 2014 World Series


Things have certainly changed drastically in just a couple of year’s time. Just two years ago the Dodgers weren’t picked to finish above third place, and now they come into the final month of 2013 once again as the favorite to win the World Series in 2014. Every season a club’s odds of winning change from month to month. This is especially true during the winter months. Seemingly Every week the team’s chances of winning the World Series increase or decrease depending on the moves they make or don’t make as the hot stove embers burn.  

From the beginning of the 2013 season the Dodgers were heavy favorites to win the World Series. Odds can change dramatically during the regular season as well. The boys in blue remained heavy favorites throughout the regular season and into the postseason. This year once again, the Dodgers are the team to beat, according to the oddsmakers. And speaking of oddsmakers, you may take a look at online sportsbook review sites like  

The Dodgers have the best odds of winning the National league pennant in 2014 at 9/4, with the Washington Nationals a close second at 7/2 odds. The defending National League Pennant winners the St. Louis Cardinals are in third with a 5-1 line.

It’s similar in the American League. I’m assuming the big trades of Doug Fister, and for Ian Kinsler increased their pennant odds. The Detroit Tigers are making some major moves this hot stove, and that has resulted in higher odds of the club winning the AL pennant. The Tigers lead the AL with a 7-2 line, with the Boston Red Sox in second picked at 11-2 odds. The Angels tied for second with Boston with the same 11-2 odds.

The Dodgers are also still the clear consensus favorite to win the World Series at 5-1 odds. The Nationals and Tigers come in second both with 8-1 odds, and the Cardinals come in at 10-1. The Houston Astros are the longest odds to win it at all at 200-1.

2014 Odds to win World Series
Los Angeles Dodgers 5/1
Washington Nationals 8/1
Detroit Tigers 8/1
St Louis Cardinals 10/1
Boston Red Sox 12/1
Los Angeles Angels 12/1
Cincinnati Reds 14/1
Oakland Athletics 14/1
Texas Rangers 14/1
New York Yankees 16/1
Atlanta Braves 16/1
Tampa Bay Rays 18/1
San Francisco Giants 20/1
Cleveland Indians 25/1
Baltimore Orioles 25/1
Pittsburgh Pirates 30/1
Kansas City Royals 30/1
Philadelphia Phillies 30/1
Arizona Diamondbacks 40/1
Toronto Blue Jays 40/1
Chicago White Sox 50/1
Chicago Cubs 50/1
Seattle Mariners 60/1
San Diego Padres 60/1
Milwaukee Brewers 70/1
Colorado Rockies 70/1
New York Mets 100/1
Miami Marlins 100/1
Minnesota Twins 100/1
Houston Astros 200/1

You can bet that the odds of the Dodger’s chances of winning the National League pennant and the World Series will fluctuate with the moves the club makes or doesn’t, as the hot stove progresses.