This morning the Seattle Mariners rocked the Baseball world by annou..."/> This morning the Seattle Mariners rocked the Baseball world by annou..."/>

Enormous Annoying Cano Deal Could Mean More Dodger Trade Rumors With Seattle


This morning the Seattle Mariners rocked the Baseball world by announcing they had reached agreement with free agent second baseman Robinson Cano. Ironically Cano is represented by Jay-Z’s Roc Nation Sports Agency.

The Mariner’s front office decided to give Cano everything he could ever want for in a contract. This deal has everything. Ten-year deal? Check. 240 milion dollars making this the third largest deal in MLB history? Check. A Full no-trade clause? Oh check. The Mariner’s front office trying to make up for a decade of losing? You better believe check. Jay-z writing a rap song about Seattle….Maybe check??? Oh Seattle……Coffee and Rain will excite you! Grunge rock will inspire you. Oh brother.

The Mariners gave Cano a ten-year 240 million dollar contract with a full no-trade clause. Apparently the Mariner’s first-round draft pick is protected, so they only have to give up a second rounder for signing Cano. That’s pretty good despite Seattle really selling their soul on this deal.

Jay-Z can no longer rap about Cano being a Yankee-Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

This is cute though. The Mariners are like your dorky friend’s cousin. You like the guy you really do, but you could never ever see him getting the hot girl, or winning the big game. Then all of a sudden he grows up, and bam, he signs Robinson Cano for like 240 million dollars. The important thing to remember here about the Cano deal is that small market teams can sign free agents. They have money to spend. Don’t let anyone ever tell you that these clubs “can’t” compete with the Dodgers and the Yankees of the world. Sure they don’t have the same volume of cash as the big boys, but they have some kind of revenue to spend on free agents. They have something. Hey even the Marlins and Astros are signing guys this winter. The small market clubs have cash too, they just choose to not spend it most of the time.

Anyways, what this Cano deal means for the Dodgers is even more trade rumors than before. Since the Mariners got their slugger, they’ll have more room to deal a few of their prospects away to fill more holes on their roster, or so all of the other outlets and beat writers will tell us. Buster Olney should tell us about 100 times that the Mariners have called, or are calling on Andre Ethier. Or that the Mariners are interested in Matt Kemp.

Ken Rosenthal should speculate on about a dozen more trade scenarios involving the Dodgers, the Mariners, and Matt Kemp, or Ethier. Even though there is no clear fit for a trade between the two clubs. Someone will recommend trading away Kemp for Nick Franklin, or Mike Zunino, or one of Seattle’s pitching prospects even though that return for Kemp is laughable and not nearly enough. Of course someone else will mention how Taijuan Walker, and Kyle Seager are untouchable, or whatever. And all of the Price rumors of course.

Besides Cano and his agency being annoying, this means more hot stove embers to burn. Certainly this all means more moves for the Mariners in the future, and more annoying trade talks with the Dodgers.