Oh boy the puns are scathing this winter. In explanation of said pun..."/> Oh boy the puns are scathing this winter. In explanation of said pun..."/>

Dodgers May Lose A Lefty, But Could Make A Wright Decision


Oh boy the puns are scathing this winter. In explanation of said puns, the Dodgers may be losing one reliever, but gaining another. According to Jayson Stark, the Nationals are going to ink a left-handed reliever and it’s either going to be Dodger lefty J.P. Howell, or Angel’s lefty Scott Downs. Both are free agents entering this winter, but more importantly Howell is coming off of a fantastic season with the Dodgers. Losing him to free agency would be a big blow to the Dodger bullpen, especially with the inexperience of Paco Rodriguez, and the always questionable health of Scott Elbert’s elbow.

Howell posted a 4-1 record, 2.03 ERA in 67 games. Howell threw 62 frames, posting a 7.8 K/9, 3.3 BB/9 and 54 whiffs against 23 walks. Howell allowed just two home runs all season long, and I like many others believe it is imperative for the Dodgers to bring him back. Howell is 30 years old, and made 2.85 million dollars with the Dodgers last season.

Wright or wrong, Jamey may be back in Blue-Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

In other bizarre news, the Dodgers may be bringing back former right-handed reliever Jamey Wright. Don’t believe me? Check out the tweet from Ken Rosenthal. According to Rosenthal, Wright is said to be choosing between the Dodgers and returning to the Rays. Wright last pitched for the Dodgers in 2012. That year the 38-year-old right hander battled my constant teasing, and posted a 3.72 ERA in 66 games. In 67.2 innings pitched, Wright put up a 7.2 K/9 rate, and a4.0 BB/9 rate with 54 whiffs and 30 walks. Those are respectable numbers, but the numbers he put up with Tampa Bay in 2013 were even better. Wright pitched in 66 games again last season, posting a 3.02 ERA, 8.4 K.9, 3.0 BB/9, decreased his H/9 from 9.6 to 7.8, and whiffed 65 against only 23 walks in 70 frames in 2013.

Petriello has a nifty graph to explain Wright’s noticeable improvement from 2012 with the Dodgers, to 2013 with the Rays. Apparently he’s been throwing more cutters and changeups than ever before, and it’s leading to more outs.

Wright has played with ten teams over the length of his 18 year major league career. Wright was an NRI to the Dodger’s spring training camp in 2012, and made 900,000 dollars. Wright also made 900,000 dollars with the Rays last season.