Yeah I know Matt, I feel the same way about these winter meetings. L..."/> Yeah I know Matt, I feel the same way about these winter meetings. L..."/> Yeah I know Matt, I feel the same way about these winter meetings. L..."/>

Day Two Winter Meetings Rundown


Yeah I know Matt, I feel the same way about these winter meetings. Lot’s of talk and not much action, at least for the Dodgers. That may bore Kemp as seen in the front photo, but I know I’m fine with it. Day two of the winter meetings went by without a hitch apparently. It was all quiet on the western front. I’m still sticking to my original prediction that the Dodgers are not going to m any trades this week. We may see the club sign Juan Uribe, or possibly add a reliever like Jamey Wright, but even that doesn’t seem likely at the moment. All that is happening right now is just talk. But again anything can happen, and of course you never know. Here’s a quick rundown of the rumors and talk that occurred on the second day of the winter meetings that were involving the Dodgers.

Matt Kemp-Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

The David Price trade isn’t happening, probably

Hey remember when everyone was saying that the Dodgers would be trading for Price? And some people even said they had to, had to trade for him. Sure right, 92 win NLCS team and they have to trade for Price even though they have two cy young award winners fronting their rotation.

No it appears as though the Price rumors are finally dead. According to a tweet from Jon Heyman, the Dodgers and the Rangers are both out on David Price. Although the Mariners are still very interested. What aren’t the Mariners interested in these days? Anyways, the Dodgers will survive I assure you. GM Ned Colletti confirmed that the team is no longer pursuing any starting pitchers, according to Ken Gurnick. All of this obviously means that the Dodgers will trade for David Price tomorrow.

The Matt Kemp rumors

The Bison trade rumors may be even more annoying than the Price rumors. We found out the other day that Kemp’s agent Dave Stewart is attending the meetings for the first time ever. But it’s still unlikely the hobbled center fielder gets traded. According to Heyman, the Red Sox are not interested in Kemp any longer. Although the Tigers and Mariners still have some level of interest. Ken Rosenthal also tweets that if the Dodgers move Kemp, they are going to want to get good players back, as opposed to bad players, and will eat most of his salary. Apparently this is all quoted in the new magazine called DUH.

No Duh!

Mark Ellis talked to the Cardinals

That’s basically it. They talked. Oh and the Dodgers are taking to…guess who?…. Michael Young guys! Micheal Young. Frightening isn’t it?? Because why not at this point right? When in doubt, just sign Michael Young. (Please note I am joking and equally horrified by this. I mean I liked him as a bench piece, not as a starter)

Which reminds me to tell you all to check out Stacie’s latest article about the update on Juan Uribe’s status.  Spoiler, he still hasn’t made up his mind.

That’s about it from day two of the winter meetings. Day three begins right about………NOW. Check in here later for more updates.