The New Matt Kemp Bobblehead


It’s a bit of a slow Dodger news day today, and I know that like you, I could use a good laugh. Well I have one for you guys! Our friends over at United Dodger Fans have unveiled what could be the newest Dodger bobblehead for the 2014 season. It’s a brand new Matt Kemp bobblehead to document his seemingly never ending rustiness. Perhaps they can create another bobblehead to commemorate the ridiculous trade rumors that surrounded him this winter. We could do a bobblehead of his agent Dave Stewart holding a briefcase.

Matt Kemp was limited to just 106 games in 2012, and 73 games in 2013 because of various injuries suffered while playing Baseball which include, sliding, running, standing, walking, breathing, existing, and just looking up at the sky. Kemp has injured nearly every part of his body over the last two seasons. His shoulder, ankle, both hamstrings, and foot. This was after Kemp had played in 399 consecutive games without injury. He was once an iron man, and now he is an ironed man.

The New Bison Bobblehead

If a fly buzzes past Matt’s ears he could end up on the disabled list. So in order to acknowledge and document Kemp’s unbelievable rustiness, United Dodger fans gave him a proper bobblehead. Notice the crutches, the bandages, and the neck brace. Kemp is a medical administrator’s wildest dream.

I kid of course. According to reports and pics of him in the gossip magazines with his new girlfriend Khloe Kardashian, Kemp has finally had his walking boot removed, and appears to be walking normally again. Hopefully Kemp can return to his regular offseason workout routines, and be ready for spring training in 2014.

Kemp has said he is ready to focus on Baseball. As much as I kid, Bison is one of my favorite Dodgers, and an integral part of the franchise over the last eight years. I hope Matt returns healthy and ready to start mashing those trademarked Bison moon shots that make us marvel with delight. Don’t tell Bison I wrote this. Go get em Bison!