Dodgers Rank High on Social Media Sites


The Dodgers are very popular across many social media platforms, and they became even more prevalent across such virtual social ladders during their successful 2013 run.

It isn’t a surprise that the Dodgers are very popular online since they led the Major Leagues in attendance last season as well. Dodger Stadium was the most checked-in sports venue in the United States last year, and Dodger Stadium was the fourth overall checked-in location in the U.S. for 2013 according to Facebook.

The Dodgers also increased their presence on the photo-driven social media site Instagram last year, and they were the eighth-most Instagrammed location of 2013. Yes, “Instagrammed” is now a word.

On Twitter, thanks to the witty tweets by Dodger Social Media Coordinator Josh Tucker, the Dodgers gained 193,483 followers which was good for the third-best growth in MLB. Josh, whom we met at Blogger Night in September, is very dedicated to the Dodgers Twitter account. He was even tweeting while he spent time answering questions for us in the suite. Josh’s humorous tweets have got him in a bit of trouble in the past, and his “Stay Classy San Diego” tweet after the brawl between the Dodgers and San Diego was a bit controversial yet set the Twitter world in a whirl. Unlike most MLB Twitter sites, the Dodgers Twitter account has really set itself above the rest with humor, historically interesting Dodger facts, giveaways, and photos.

According to the Dodgers:

"Based on social interactions per post, the Dodgers were tops in baseball in engagement per fan on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr. Instagram was the club’s most engaged platform, with 30,849,622 likes, 373,072 comments and 309,314 new followers of the @Dodgers account. On Twitter, the club saw a Major League-best 1,588,291 retweets from January to October, a 274 percent increase from the past season."

The MLB just recently presented its Network Social Media Awards, and the Dodgers won three honors: Best Team Promotion for the Vin Scully Takeover, Snapshot of the Year Award for the picture of Sandy Koufax and Clayton Kershaw in the clubhouse after NLDS Game 4, and #BestBite for Nick Punto and Danny DeVito’s interaction. Yasiel Puig, who loves Instagramming, won the Socially Savvy Rookie and #SAW (Stop and Watch) Player of the Year.

As a fan who is also on Twitter, I can attest to the huge #DodgerFam community present on social media. It’s great to have other

The Dodgers Twitter account has gained many followers in 2013.

Dodger fans follow along with you during the season and especially during the games. During the games, following not only @Dodgers on Twitter but also all the other Dodger fans really adds another layer to the game watching experience. Even if you are at home on your couch watching the game instead of at Dodger Stadium or watching the game with others at a bar or restaurant, sharing rants and raves on Twitter together during the game can bring everyone together virtually.

@LasordasLair Twitter and Facebook account has also increased popularity over last season, and we thank all our followers who have shared comments, arguments and discussions, photos, and retweets during the season. @LasordasLair is almost at 3,000 followers! Lasorda’s Lair Facebook page now has 2, 025 likes as well. We look forward to engaging with you not only here through the comments section but also on our social media platforms. We will also be expanding our Dodgers coverage in 2014 with more video which will be found on my YouTube channel DishingUpTheDodgers.

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