Dodgers are “very disappointed” after Yasiel Puig Arrest


The Dodgers released a short statement today commenting on Yasiel Puig‘s December 28th arrest for reckless driving in Florida.

#Dodgers released the following statement today regarding Yasiel Puig:

— Los Angeles Dodgers (@Dodgers) December 29, 2013

"We have spoken to Yasiel and made it clear that we, as an organization, are very disappointed in his recent behavior. This is a very serious issue to us and we will continue to educate him and strive to further develop his growth off the field and as a member of this community."

I said I was disappointed too after hearing about Puig’s second arrest for reckless driving in less than a year. The Dodgers assisted Yasiel Puig in engaging in community service which helped him get his charges dropped for his first arrest back in April. In November, Puig’s charges were dropped many months after his arrest since he had been busy playing for the Dodgers after being called up from AA-Chattanooga in June.

I spoke with Ryan Hills of the Naples Daily News the same day Puig was arrested. He asked me about Yasiel Puig’s rookie season and

A bit more restraint by Yasiel Puig on the field and behind the wheel will help. Photo: Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

how the fans felt about him. He asked how I felt about the arrest and if I thought this would affect his game on the field.

Although I’m pretty confident that Yasiel’s game on the field will not be affected by this second serious infraction, I do think that these reckless driving incidents will only exacerbate his perceived arrogance amongst the opposing players and fans. Yasiel is no doubt a young and rich athlete who burst on to the national scene last year, and he now is living life to the fullest after escaping for the American dream.

There’s of course no excuse for potentially endangering others on a public roadway. There’s nothing wrong with driving fast when you are at the race track, but going 110 m.p.h. on the freeway is extreme for even Yasiel. Ryan Mills did tell me that “Alligator Alley” is a long stretch of highway which is in the middle of nowhere and is notorious for speeding.

Disappointing is the mood for sure. Thankfully no one was hurt, but Yasiel’s immaturity still seems to be something to be concerned with. Next season I’m really looking forward to Puig’s second, and first full year, in the Majors as a Dodger. His exciting play really brought me into the game, and his style was reminiscent of greats like Roberto Clemente, Raul Mondesi, and even Jackie Robinson. Puig’s rookie year was one of the best we’ve ever seen from a Dodger rookie.

It is unclear whether Puig will face any sort of jail time, but we will keep you updated on any further developments in his case. Spring Training is right around the corner, and we shouldn’t have to worry about one of the stars getting into trouble.

The Wild Horse will need to be tamed a bit.