Jon Weisman Is Living His Dream, As He Launches The Dodger’s New Insider Blog


Jon Weisman is finally getting to live his dream. The longtime blogger/writer of the popular site called, is taking his online home national so to speak. Weisman was recently hired by the Dodgers as the director of digital print and media content is launching a new blog called Dodger Insider on January 6th.

The new blog won’t necessarily be a continuation of Dodger Thoughts, but will incorporate many of the elements of Dodger Thoughts but on a much larger scale. The site will contain inside information and greater analysis  behind the scenes allowing Weisman to take advantage of his new position, but will still have many of the parts of Dodger Thoughts that made the veteran Dodger site so well liked.

Jon Weisman is the creator of Dodger Thoughts

The club had a team based blog years ago under Josh Rawitch during the McCourt era, but it never caught on. Weisman was a longtime senior editor at Variety while he wrote Dodger Thoughts. Now with a new office at Dodger Stadium, Weisman reflected on how the original mission from Dodger Thoughts will remain the same as he transitions to the new site.

"“The mission remains essentially the same as Dodger Thoughts — I’ll still be trying to offer insight in a number of different ways,”"

The new site will be featured on the Dodger’s main site, and will also have many different contributors. Team historian Mark Langill, and coordinator of social media Josh Tucker will be among some of the contributors as Weisman plans to publish articles every day. Weisman will be the lead writer, and has said this will be a much more expansive effort. There will be a comment section, and content will be delivered on a daily basis.

Weisman has been considered by many to be the founding father of the modern day Dodger blogger/writer. While working at variety for seven years, Weisman has also written for ESPN the daily news, and the Los Angeles times. Weisman has also written screenplays for television, and books.

Weisman now has his wildest dreams fulfilled which gives hope to other Dodger writers like us who have similar aspirations as Weisman had. Who knows maybe you will one day see Stacie or myself as a contributing writer for (No laughing! It could happen)

Congratulations to Jon for quite an accomplishment, and check out the new blog called Dodger Insider launching on Monday January 6th.