Miguel Rojas is going to be the starting second baseman isn’..."/> Miguel Rojas is going to be the starting second baseman isn’..."/>

Welcome To The Miguel Rojas Era! God Help Us


Miguel Rojas is going to be the starting second baseman isn’t he? Yeah it’s happening. I can already see it now. But I’m beginning to think that maybe the Dodgers shouldn’t have signed Alexander Guerrero. If only because of his visa problem. I’m not worried about his hamstring injury suffered in winter ball. He’s probably healthy by now.

I would like to give the Dodger’s international scouting department the benefit of the doubt here though. I do believe that if everything is ok with Guerrero’s visa and he can make it into the country for spring training, then he will be fine. I believe he’s a talented and productive player, and I definitely don’t think he should be placed in the minors. Unless of course he’s rehabbing from injury, or shows up late to spring training. I have no idea how bad his visa issue is, but Colletti seemed worried about it. Can’t say I blame him considering he’s facing the harsh realities of having to play Miguel Rojas if Guerrero can’t get his visa problems straightened out. It’s not a pretty sight. That’s enough to scare anyone.

But maybe the Dodgers shouldn’t have signed him? If he can’t get into the country, then they may have screwed up on this one. Perhaps they didn’t do their homework well enough. This could be Ronald Belisario all over again. Hey nobody is perfect.

They should have resigned Mark Ellis. They didn’t and the Cardinals scooped him up. Now we have a huge glaring hole on the roster, and in the starting lineup if Guerrero can’t go. It’s disconcerting.

I would rather see the Dodgers give Dee Gordon a shot, if Guerrero can’t go. Rojas might be a good glove, but he can’t hit. I would rather have someone who can hit, then another black hole in the lineup. I think there is a chance that Gordon could still be a decent offensive player. If he can use his great speed to his advantage. He has already stolen 66 bases in the majors. Gordon actually hit over .300 in his first season with the Dodgers back in 2011, and I think he has the chance to improve if he works at it.

Here’s the problem with that. The Dodgers don’t like Gordon anymore. They really don’t. They gave Gordon a couple of real shots to take the shortstop job before they traded for Hanley, and he failed. He’s become Ivan De Jesus Jr, Jerry Sands, and Trayvon Robinson all rolled into one failed prospect package. This is what happens when a prospect falls out of favor with the Dodger brass.

Gordon is a hard worker though. If he can learn to hit, and stop bunting all the time, he could be decent with the bat. Personally, I can’t take the ohfers anymore. I just can’t ok? Sorry. You guys might be able to put up with the ohfers, but I can no longer do so. I do not want any player in the lineup who is an automatic out, and rest assured Rojas is and will be an automatic out. I don’t care how good defensively he is. Trust me, when Rojas starts ruining rallies, and striking out, popping up with runners on base, you will all sing a different tune.

Blah, maybe the Dodgers will go out and spend a couple of million on an Alex Gonzalez, or something? The free agent market is crap right now.

Let’s not forget that each season there is a one-bum clause written into the Dodger roster. There must be at least one bum on the roster at all times. We already have Brandon League to satisfy that. Miguel Rojas is going to be the opening day second baseman isn’t he?

Welcome to the Miguel Rojas era. No roster is perfect I guess. Shoot me now please.