Still Talking To Michael Young (Also Welcome Dodgers Digest!)


More Michael Young news! WOOOO!!!

Sigh. Well it’s been a pretty slow offseason thus far, i’ve been forced to write about Chone Figgins to prevent myself from horrid depression. Come back baseball! Oh, of course today was the huge news of the Clayton Kershaw extension announcement, it’s official and he’s a Dodger for at least 5 more years. Which was really nice to finally get that out of the way.

Oh and some major waves in the Dodger blogging world. A very big congrats to Feelin’ Kinda Blue’s Dustin Nosler, Chad Moryima’s Chad Moriyama, Blog To The Score’s Daniel Brim, and Mike Scioscia’s Tragic Illness’s Mike Petriello. They have formed a super blog by the name of Dodgers Digest that launches on Monday. I read all of their blogs daily and it’s incredible to know that they will be coming together to write at one place. Having all of their great work at one website will be a privilege to see and i’m sure will be tons of fun.

As a fairly regular commentator on MSTI I am sad to see it go, I have learned so much about baseball (it’s given me knowledge of sabermetrics and breaking away from the “old guard”) , humor (from the comment section), and about things in general. I consider myself lucky to have commented at MSTI while I could, it truly is, and will forever be a pretty special place for me. So thank you, Mike on what you’ve done thus far and best of luck on what you will continue to do!

Alright, i’m sure you’ve had enough. So Michael Young may still get a major league job, and that job could be on the Dodgers.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

So again, Young carries a league average bat at 3b, and also plays a premium position that the Dodgers have no depth at (3b). It is all nice and good to despise Michael Young up until you have to choose whether you give Miguel Rojas or Justin Sellers 400 AB’s. That’s really underwhelming so Young wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world.

I think the most interesting thing in all of this is the fact Scott Van Slyke may not make the team. I don’t know how you carry Van Slyke while adding Young. Dee Gordon is going to battle with Rojas to play 2b, someone is gonna backup Hanley at SS, FedEx has the backup C on lockdown, Young is going to be backing up Uribe at 3b and AGon at 1b, and Ethier is probably going to be with the team this upcoming season. If they were going to trade an OF they’d have done it already. So if you sign Young, odds are you can’t carry Van Slyke which is an interesting development for a bench largely devoid of power.