The Flu, Michael Young, and FanFest


It only seems appropriate that I write about Michael Young and FanFest while I’m lying in bed battling the flu. You may ask why am I putting myself through more misery writing about Michael Young when I’m under the weather? Valid question. Yet the reality is that Michael Young may very well return to the Dodgers next season should he postpone retirement.

The Dodgers have extended Michael Young an offer. That means they want him to play for the team next season. The ball is in his court now, but the 37-year old veteran is still mulling retirement.

"“I’m going to take my time and make sure I go over my options, and do what’s best for my family,” Young said on Sunday. “I’ve got three sons at home, and obviously they’re my top priority. I would love to continue to play for a great team like the Dodgers. I mean, baseball’s in my blood; good competition’s in my blood. So I’d love to continue to do that. But at the same time, I want to do what’s best for my family, for my boys.”"

Please take your time Mr. Young, we don’t have anything to figure out like who will be manning the Dodgers bench with less than a month away from the start of Spring Training or anything. Sure, it’s a big decision, and I respect his career. Michael Young wouldn’t be the worst player to slot into the Dodgers bench for 2014, but at the same time I think we can do much better-especially defensively.

Young has 2,375 career hits with an even .300 career average. He’s been a solid hitting player for most of his career, but even though he has experience at all four positions in the infield, he plays none of them spectacularly.

Musing about Michael Young and FanFest on a sick day

Young has reportedly garnered offers from four teams this offseason, but it seems like his decision has boiled down to either the Dodgers or retirement. While we wait on pins and needles for Young’s decision, we can continue to count down the days until Spring Training in order to give ourselves some sunny optimism in order to counteract these thoughts of defensive futility and unresolved bench questions.

Fifteen days until pitchers and catchers report! In the meantime, the Dodgers are readying Dodger Stadium for their second annual FanFest. I will not be attending this year. It’s not just my case of influenza which is keeping me from the beautiful confines of Dodger Stadium this Saturday, but it is the awful mess that was FanFest last offseason which is making me want to pass. You can read about my disappointment last year at FanFest which I was actually sick for! I should just stay in a bubble around this time of year.

I got to FanFest right when it begun, but by the time I got to the end of the enormous line for autographs they had already stopped giving out wristbands. This year, probably in an attempt to curb that issue, the Dodgers pre-sold $10 autograph session tickets. I’m not sure if you are guaranteed an autograph, but $10 doesn’t seem like too steep of a price if the chaos of the lines are less than last year. Proceeds from the autograph fees will go to charity.

My suggestion was to allow children under 14 the first opportunity for autographs, since my daughter was highly disappointed that we couldn’t see her favorite player A.J. Ellis last time. I’m curious to see how it works out this year, so please let me know if you attend.

If you are interested in going, the FanFest will take place February 1st from 10 am-4 pm in the parking lot of Dodger Stadium. You do not need to purchase an autograph voucher to attend (they are sold out now).

Last year there were no Dodger Dogs!

Here’s to feeling better and the return of Dodger baseball.