Thus Ends The Michael Young Pursuit


Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

It’s all over for Michael Young. He has decided to hand up the cleats and spend time with his family according to Ken Rosenthal.

He ends his playing career with a real nice .300 batting average, 2375 hits, 185 home runs, and 1030 RBI’s in a very nice 1970 career games. Good for him to decide to be with his family and I wish him the best of luck in retirement. He played briefly for the Dodgers in 21 games he hit .314 and was a good boost to the club in the regular season, but come the postseason he was one of the worst hitters on the team. And in that game one loss to the Cardinals he was incredibly bad. This means something for the Dodgers of course, with all the reports of the Dodgers not being comfortable with Cuban defector Alexander Guerrero’s defense at 2b they apparently were making a hard push for Young. There’s something inherently funny of not being happy with one’s defense in the infield, and then immediately pursuing Michael Young, but there goes that idea. Personally I would have liked to see Michael Young back for a few reasons, he’s a decent player to have out there in case of an injury to Uribe. His 102 wRC+ showed me he could still hit. And defense is certainly important, but you can’t have a slot in the lineup where you’re absolutely awful considering the question marks surrounding the team. I definitely believe Young would have made a decent 2 game a week type player this upcoming season. The team as currently constructed is looking at Brendan Harris, Miguel Rojas, Justin Sellers, and of course the “favorite” out of that group, Chone Figgins who figures to make the team out of spring training. I’ve adressed this before, are you ready to see Figgins/Sellers/Harris/Rojas get at least 200 AB’s this season? I know i’m sure not which is where Young could have been useful. But barring a trade (which I could definitely see happening), it seems Figgins could be looking at a super utility position on a *crosses fingers* hopefully championship caliber team. Well I think it is safe to say that Mr Scott Van Slyke is a very happy man right now, as he seems a near lock to make the bench out of spring training for the backup 1b/OF position.