Do the Dodgers Even Need a Slogan?


Some brands are so iconic one can recognize them from just their logo, colors, packaging or single worded name. Coca-Cola is one of the most globally recognized brands, and the soft drink company’s bottle silhouette could garner recognition solely with its well known red can and logo. While branding has become a marketing tool used by companies in order to differentiate their brand from the next, a slogan can add a memorable phrase or motto for advertisement purposes which add to the brand’s unique features.

The Dodgers unveiled their new slogan for 2014 on Friday: “Live. Breathe. Blue.” The new advertising campaign will be seen on the website, digital and print media, as well as television and radio programming. This new media campaign proceeds the “A Whole New Blue” slogan which began last season.

"“Our new tagline encapsulates how each of our fans feel about the Dodgers organization. We feel it is a natural evolution of last year’s slogan ‘A Whole New Blue,’” said Dodgers’ Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer Lon Rosen. “The Dodgers have given and will continue to give our fans reasons to believe in the team during the 2014 season.”"

The Dodgers in fact had three slogans in 2013, but only one stuck.

"#Dodgers roll out alternate slogans: not just “A Whole New Blue” but “A Whole New Team” and “A Whole New ‘Tude.” Yes, ‘tude.— Bill Shaikin (@BillShaikin) February 15, 2013"

While I understand the need to market the team via ad campaigns, is it even necessary to attach a slogan to the historically well known Dodgers? Dodger Blue is an iconic color on its own, and the beautiful blue script lettering across a player’s jersey is recognizable to not only Dodger fans, but also to baseball fans in general and those who aren’t even baseball fans at all. The “LA” block lettering found on the Dodgers’ caps since their move to Los Angeles from Brooklyn has become not only associated with the team but its home city as well. “LA” can now be found in fashion, jewelry, and even in art. “LA” has been intertwined with Los Angeles since the Boys in Blue threw their first pitch at the Coliseum in 1958.

The new slogan “Live. Breathe. Blue.” gives a nod to us die hard Dodger fans who live for Dodger baseball. Our lives revolve around Dodger baseball, and thus we bleed and breathe Blue.

The LA logo is globally recognized.

It is unclear whether this new marketing campaign will be limited to this season or if it is permanent. While all companies big and small use a slogan to differentiate themselves, it seems like the Dodgers’ rich tradition and history needs not so much gimmick or marketing strategy. Yet this is the time in which we live.

Here are some famous marketing slogans:

  1. Harley Davidson – American by Birth. Rebel by Choice.
  2. Volkswagen – Think Small.
  3. Porsche – There is no substitute.
  4. Aston Martin – Power, beauty and soul.
  5. Walmart – Save Money. Live Better.
  6. Reebok – I am what I am.
  7. Nike – Just do it.
  8. Adidas – Impossible is Nothing.
  9. Calvin Klein – Between love and madness lies obsession.

10. Marks & Spencer – The customer is always and completely right!

11. Levis – Quality never goes out of style.

12. Tag Heuer – Success. It’s a Mind Game.

13. 3M – Innovation.

14. IBM – Solutions for a smart planet.

15. Sony – Make Believe.

16. IMAX – Think big.

17. DuPont – The miracles of science.

18. Energizer – Keeps going and going and going.

19. PlayStation – Live in your world. Play in ours.

20. EA – Challenge everything.

21. Blogger – Push button publishing.

22. Canon – See what we mean.

23. Nikon – At the heart of the image.

24. Kodak – Share moments. Share life.

25. Olympus – Your vision. Our future.

26. FedEx – When there is no tomorrow.

27. Red Cross – The greatest tragedy is indifference.

28. Disneyland – The happiest place on earth.

29. Holiday Inn – Pleasing people the world over.

30. Hallmark – When you care enough to send the very best.

31. Fortune – For the men in charge of change.

32. Ajax – Stronger than dirt.

33. Yellow Pages – Let your fingers do the walking.

34. McDonalds – I’m loving it.

35. KFC – Finger lickin’ good.

36. Burger King – Have it your way.

37. Coca Cola – Twist the cap to refreshment.

38. M&Ms – Melts in your mouth, not in your hands.

39. Nokia – Connecting people.

40. Vodafone – Make the most of now.

41. Coca Cola – Open Happiness.

42. Solex – It’s Style.

How does the Dodgers’ new “Live. Breathe. Blue” compare to these heavy hitters? Do you think the new slogan reflects the quintessential essence of the Dodger brand?

I know for one that Dodger Stadium is both the Happiest Place on Earth and when it comes to the Dodgers There is no Substitute.