Great Article On Tommy Lasorda


Our site namesake Tommy Lasorda never stops. How in the world he finds all of this energy and enthusiasm is the question a lot of people have. It’s simple, his love for the Dodgers is what sustains him, and gives him energy. This is why we feel that Tommy should be honored each and every day for everything he’s done for the Dodger organization and family.

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Our friend Ron Cervenka over at had a pretty good article written about him, after the Dodger fanfest was held at Dodger Stadium a couple of weeks ago. Tommy was there along with other Dodger greats, but Tommy always sticks out. You can never get away from Tommy’s words of encouragement, and victory predictions. Tommy boldly claims that the Dodgers will win every year, because he believes it. He’s always believed, and urges all Dodger fans to believe the same. Tommy believed in 1981, and in 1988, and he believes now more than ever. If this doesn’t get your Dodger Blue blood pumping, than I don’t know what would.

Ron does an excellent job of capturing the magical essence that is Tommy Lasorda…..

"“I think we have a ball club that can really play and execute the game of baseball and bring to you fans… you, each and every one of you, you deserve a World Championship.”“It’s been too long,” Lasorda added, now considerably louder. “The last time we won a World Championship you were all youngsters… some of you weren’t even born.”“But we’re gonna do it this year!” Lasorda continued, now yelling. “You got to believe it! You got to believe it! Show me! Show me that you believe!”"

Amen Tommy, Amen. Well done Ron.

We mirror ourselves as Dodger fans after Tommy’s legendary Blue passion. Tommy will never stop believing, no matter what. Neither should you. It’s time for Dodger Baseball! Who’s with me? Go Blue.