Sportsnetla Launches Tonight At 7PM


Tomorrow the Dodgers finally begin their exhibition season with a game against the Dbacks tomorrow afternoon at 12:10 PM pacific time. Of course the game will be televised on the Dodger’s new station Sportsnetla, which launches tonight at 7 PM. The new station will televise every Dodger game, come rain or shine.

For everyone that has Timewarner you can tune to channel 249 for the standard definition, and 431 for the channel in high def. If you turn to one of those channels right now you will see an image of Clayton Kershawwho will take the mound for tomorrow’s cactus league opener. It makes me so giddy, I feel like a kid in a candy store!

There is still no deal between TWC and other cable providers for distribution of SportsNet LA.

For the people who don’t have Timewarner and or have a different provider, all I can tell you is hang in there. There has yet to be an agreement between Timewarner and the other providers, but it will happen at some point soon.

In the meantime we will all enjoy the nonstop Dodger coverage as we begin a new season of Dodger Baseball. We have survived the long cold winter and our beloved Dodgers are back in action again. This will be a channel dedicated to Dodger news all day, all the time. That means it’s 24/7 Dodgers, and it makes me feel like a fat kid in a candy store.

Now my morning shows of Gunsmoke, and Andy Griffith show will be replaced by Orel Hershiser, and Jerry Hairston talking about the Dodger lineup. It’s perfect. Never again will we be preempted for Kings Hockey games, and we’ll never have to worry about some rate increase war taking our Dodgers off the air. We all remember the horror of last summer’s price battle that deprived us of Dodger games on KCAL for weeks.

So tune it to channel 249, (or channel 431 for the people who have High Def) and check out the debut of the new Dodger channel called Sportsnetla. This is a huge change for us from the years of having the games on Prime Ticket, and KCAL. We’ve entered a new era of Dodger mania, and it’s very exciting!

So tune in tonight, for the launch of the only nonstop 24 hour Dodger channel. That’s all Dodgers all the time. My Dodger obsessed mind is spinning right now!