Notes On Spring Training


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Lets go to a place, distant from here. Where the first games of a baseball season are getting played. It feels like we’re being reacquainted t0 the whole concept of baseball, it’s been so long. Here in this wonderful place called “Spring Training”, weird things happen. You get things like Jeremy Hazelbaker getting an AB, you also get Jeremy Hazelbaker with an OPS at an outstanding 2.000 (!!!). Remember all that talk about Miguel Rojas and his career .234 batting average in the minor leagues? Well look at him now, how about some Miguel Rojas and his otherworldly .333 batting average. This is a whole 333 points above Hanley Ramirez AND Drew Butera.

Just Because

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Oh yes, Drew Butera, only in Spring Training could he manage to be completely useless at the plate whatsoever…


Miguel Olivo has an OBP of .500, 500 points above that slacker, Joc Pederson

The new and reformed version of Dee Gordon sits at a staggering .000 AVG/OBP/OPS.

(Yeah Bulk!!!)

Chone Figgins is at a “world beating” pace (again). Yep, he’s hitting .000, AND getting time at SS. Oooh, fun stuff there. Seriously, when we see a Dodgers infield of Justin Turner-Chone Figgins-Dee Gordon- Scott Van Slyke and Tim Federowicz from the catcher position together it’s going to be hilarious.

I love this time of year, Spring Training games are starting. Wish we could see them, but they’re here and it’s amazing to have some baseball to look forward. My favorite thing this time of year is seeing the ridiculous stats that i’ve pointed out. We obviously can’t make any judgements on what’s been going on, pitchers haven’t been here too long to have their offspeed stuff working (see Clayton Kershaw yesterday), hitters have no sense of timing yet, everything’s just getting started in camp, but whenever Miguel Olivo has an OPS .500 above Hanley Ramirez it’s simply hilarious. Adrian Gonzalez and Juan Uribe having OPS’s above 1.300 is just beautiful.

It’s only been two games, but that doesn’t ruin the fun, just look at Andre Ethier‘s stat line, that’s fun. It’s even feeling a little bit like baseball season, Carl Crawford has a hurt leg. Guess that conditioning he did over the winter sure did work. I kid of course, i’m hoping for a healthy and productive Crawford, and not the bust that I so desperately want him to be. But hey look on the bright side, Dodgers Baseball is here, and we’re nearly at opening day.