Don Mattingly Postgame Presser From Camelback-3-10-14


I had a great time at Camelback Ranch Yesterday,  but now I have returned to the safety and comfort of my living room couch. Before my Dad and I made the long drive home, we attended the post game press conference after Monday afternoon’s 8-8 tie with the Oakland A’s.

Unlike at Dodger Stadium, there is no real media room where the pressers take place. Instead they just have them in the hallway of the PR/clubhouse building. So everyone just stands there in the hallway and ask Don Mattingly questions. There was a wide variety of questions asked as I tried to get some good video with my phone. Excuse my amateur videographer skills guys.

There was a question about Hyun-jin Ryu’s outing, and why pitching coach Rick Honeycutt had come out to check on him during the fifth inning of his start. There was also a brief concern about Brian Wilson. Fortunately both pitchers are fine. Sometimes Honeycutt, or Mattingly will notice something about the pitcher that concerns them, so they’ll go out and talk to them about it. It could be some kind of mechanical thing, or it could be they’re dropping their hands, or tipping their pitches, or whatever. Or sometimes they just want to talk to them and make sure they’re feeling alright. This is quite common.

We discussed Matt Kemp’s rehab, and apparently he’s really close to returning to game action, after playing in a minor league game on the back fields. Zack Greinke’s return which appears to be imminent. There were questions about Josh Beckett’s schedule, and of course talk about second base. Mattingly wished for Maury Wills, or there was a comparison to Wills, I couldn’t hear. Somebody said he might be a little past his prime. Bite your tounge.

Some of the video is hard to hear because Kenley Jansen, and J.P. Howell decided to start bumping Tupac in the adjoining clubhouse. They were talking about blasting a specific Tupac song in the clubhouse while we were waiting for Mattingly to arrive. I guess boys will be boys.