Carl Crawford Is Hurt Again, Does The Sun Rise?


If there was a contest for getting hurt, Carl Crawford would win, hands down. He’s getting hurt and he’s not even with the team. It’s unbelievably annoying. But prepare yourself to not be surprised, Crawford is hurt again, and he injured himself in a minor league game at Camelback Ranch.

(Update)– (Apparently according to the official report from the club, Crawford just had the flu, and nearly passed out on the field, which is why he had to be carried off. He was spotted in the weight room on Wednesday and was working out after receiving some antibiotics. That’s all it was. I guess I owe Crawford a bit of an apology since he wasn’t actually hurt. But you know, it’s like the boy who cried wolf. He’s been riddled with injuries so much over the last few years that when you see him taken out of a game in the first inning and carried off on a cart, naturally you’re going to assume he’s hurt again. So I don’t blame twitter for jumping to those conclusions. Rest up CC)

Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

Crawford is not with the club because his fiancée is due to have a baby any day now, and he was placed onto the paternity list by the Dodgers. The veteran outfielder was playing in a minor league game at Camelback Ranch when he hurt himself.

Apparently he had one at-bat, (he struck out of course), and then somehow hurt himself in the field. According to twitter, he hurt his right shoulder, and had to be carried off the field in a cart. We won’t know anything further about Crawford’s injury until Don Mattingly addresses the media later tonight, or tomorrow.

Crawford has missed time this spring because of various injuries, which include a strained quad, and a strained hamstring. Crawford has been riddled with injuries over the last couple of years and was on the disabled list for over a month last season because of a strained hamstring. Crawford is a good player, but is unable to stay healthy for long periods of time.