You Can Never Have Enough Pitching


Just about every starting Dodgers pitcher besides Dan Haren is either injured or rehabbing from an injury. Ryu’s toe, Chad’s elbow, Greinke’s calf, Maholm’s elbow, Beckett’s bruised hand, Fife’s shoulder bursitis…and now the injury bug has hit Clayton Kershaw. Kershaw is experiencing soreness in his teres major muscle, and he will not be able to start the San Diego stateside opener on Sunday.

Not Kersh. Anyone but Kersh. Even though his MRI showed no structural damage, there is still inflammation in his upper left back. Kershaw reported comfort after playing catch on Tuesday.

Who is to blame for all these injuries? Photo: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Perhaps the 102 pitches Kershaw made in Sydney and the long trip have caused some flare up in his back. The Dodgers are doing the right thing in not letting Kershaw pitch as a precaution. I become very worried, because of the long history of injury disclosures from the team that haven’t been exactly transparent. Matt Kemp‘s shoulder and ankle injury seemed to progressively be revealed as worse than originally described, and I found the same true with Andre Ethier‘s ankle fracture. Of course this reported injury to Kersh is hopefully minor and not on the level as the two aforementioned players, yet it really worries me. Have I mentioned that I’m worried?

Any injury to Kersh is a worrisome thought. Kershaw is the Dodgers’ ace and franchise player, and without Kershaw there is no championship. Positive thoughts for Kershaw will segue into complaints about some of the roster decisions the Dodgers have made this Spring.

The Dodgers lost Javy Guerra and Seth Rosin to waiver claims on Wednesday, and then the downtrodden news of Kershaw’s Opening Day scratch only spurs a very strong concern by me when it comes to the rotation. Ryu feels better after half of his toenail was removed, and he will be a candidate to start on Sunday in San Diego. Dan Haren, the only non-injured starter right now, will be either pitching Wednesday or possibly Sunday.

Dan Haren, Opening Day Starter? It almost seems like déjà vu. Last season there were a flurry of injuries to the pitching staff, and the Dodgers were starting the likes of Stephen Fife and Matt Magill. Even though the Dodgers went into camp in 2013 with a surplus of pitchers, they ended up dipping into the minor league side very early. For 2014, it seems like pitching options are once again being quickly depleted. We cannot forget the loss of Ross Stripling early on in Spring Training who will undergo Tommy John surgery to repair his torn elbow.

The Dodgers didn’t hang on to Seth Rosin, who was claimed by the Rangers on Wednesday off the waiver wire. Rosin could have been a viable option as a spot starter/long reliever, but he was quickly snatched up by Texas. The Dodgers will most likely start Paul Maholm until Kershaw and or Ryu are healthy.

The loss of Seth Rosin and Javy Guerra were somewhat foreseen, yet I did feel that Rosin could have been useful for this team and their early season starting pitcher turbulence.

Zach Lee, hello! I’ve been clamoring for Zach Lee to get a shot at the starting rotation on the big club all throughout Spring. He’s ready to make his debut, and I see Lee as a great option if needed. Lee could use the experience to get his feet wet, and with the seemingly constant injury flare ups on this team, he is a great player to have at the ready.

I also heard Aaron Harang is available…