Tommy Lasorda To Announce Iconic Dodger Introduction During Opening Day Festivities


Site namesake and legendary Dodger Tommy Lasorda will be a very important part of the opening day pregame festivities on Friday afternoon before the Dodgers take on the Giants . The hall of famer will be asked to make the iconic Dodger introduction, “It’s Time For Dodger Baseball”, that was originally coined by living legend and greatest broadcaster in sports history Vin Scully. 

Vinny always says the signature pregame introduction “It’s time for Dodger Baseball” before every Dodger game. It’s become a pregame staple of Dodger Baseball ever since Mr. Scully started using it many years ago. This time Tommy will be saying it.

Joining Tommy will be former Dodger broadcaster Ross Porter, who will be the honorary PA announcer. Porter was a Dodger broadcaster for 28 years and host of Dodger talk for fourteen years.

Tommy has also been an integral part of the new improvements to Dodger Stadium. Not only did Tommy open his Italian restaurant in right field, but he also had a life-sized bobblehead of his likeness built at one of the entrances. The bobblehead has Tommy holding up his hall of fame plaque. The bobblehead is located in front of the Tommy Lasorda Trattoria (Tommy’s new eatery), near the front entrance.

Make sure you look for Tommy’s Bobblehead while you’re at the Ravine. Without Tommy Lasorda, opening day at Dodger Stadium just wouldn’t be the same. As Tommy says, Dodger Stadium is Blue heaven on Earth.