Lasorda’s Lair Contest On Start Four, Win Gift Certificates


Lasorda’s Lair Contest on Start Four, win gift certificates!

Hey Lasorda’s Larians! Remember that contest I was telling you about last week? Well, it starts tomorrow!  We’ve setup a contest for the Dodgers vs Giants series in Lasorda’s Lair on Start Four.  The prizes are $20 gift certificates to the store where you can get some Dodger gear to add to your collection. You can start choosing your players right now for tomorrow night’s game!

How to play:  Go to the Lasorda’s Lair challenge on Start Four and pick the 4 players you think will do best in each game of the series vs the Giants on April 15, April 16 and April 17.  Note, players are only available to pick the day before each game.

The contest:  There are four ways to win.  The person with the highest score for each game wins a $20 gift certificate to (If there is a tie in one game, the people who tied will compete in the next game to break the tie.  They will continue competing in subsequent games until the tie is broken.)  Additionally, everyone who plays will be entered into a drawing for a $20 gift certificate to

Looking forward to playing with you and GO DODGERS!