Cliff Lee Shuts Out The Dodgers Again


Phillies    7 11 0

Dodgers  0 4 1





I remember warning everyone about Cliff Lee some time ago. Yes, I did, he’s actually the official number six Dodger villain of all time. And deservedly so. Every time he faces the Dodgers he shuts them out, or beats them. If you haven’t before, you can read about lee’s crimes against Dodger culture, there have been many. Tonight was just a repeat of history. Or you could say history repeating, as Lee dominated the Dodgers again, for the hundredth time. Stop me if you’ve heard this before, but the Dodgers can’t hit him. Cliff Lee and the Phillies humiliated the Dodgers in a 7-0 white washing Monday evening at Dodger Stadium.

Lee shut out the Dodgers yet again-Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It’s important to remember that Lee has only allowed five earned runs at Dodger stadium ever. Five. That’s in over 30 innings. Tonight he tossed eight shutout innings, allowing just four measly hits to the Dodgers. As usual he didn’t walk anyone, and whiffed ten Dodgers.

His opposing pitcher, Paul Maholm was predictably awful. Maholm lasted just  five ineffective frames. Although to be fair he wasn’t that bad. Two bad innings tainted his start. The Phillies scored two runs in the first before the chairs were warm, and then added three more in the fifth. Gonzalez got a hit and extended his hitting streak to 16 games, so there is that. (Shrugs shoulders)

Allowing two runs in a Cliff Lee game is like the death blow. Forget it. This game was over before the national anthem was sung.

The Phillies scored twice in the first when old friend Tony Gwynn Jr. walked, and Jimmy Rollins’ pop fly single to right advanced him to second. After Chase Utley flied out, catcher Carlos Ruiz doubled home Gwynn and Rollins to put the Phils up 2-0.

In the top of the fifth, Maholm imploded with two outs, and even makes a pathetic throwing error on an easy out. Once the smoke cleared the Phillies had scored three unanswered runs in the frame. There was a walk to Ruiz, and then Big Nose Ryan Howard clobbers a two-run home run to put the Phillies up 4-0. John Mayberry singles, and Brown singles Mayberry to second. Freddy Galvis hits a comebacker right back to Maholm who throws the ball 20 feet over Gonzo’s head, and a fifth run scores on the error. It’s 5-0 Philadelphia.

Phillies shortstop Jimmy Rollins is greeted by manager Ryne Sandberg after scoring in the first inning against the Los Angeles Dodgers.-Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Maholm allowed four earned runs and five total on eight hits, and three walks. He whiffed two, and made 107 mediocre pitches. The Dodger offense was not heard from again after the second inning. Lee retires 20 in a row at one point. The Dodgers did have one opportunity to score in the bottom of the first, but a costly Tootblan from Puig cost them a run.

In that frame, Puig singled, and tagged up to second on Justin Turner’s long fly to center. One out later, Adrian Gonzalez hit a ball up the middle that made the overshifted Utley field the ball on the grass. Gonzo reached on what would be ruled an infield single. Utley never had a play on Gonzo, but for some reason, Puig then inexplicably tried to score from second, and got caught in a rundown between third and home. Eventually Puig would be tagged out for the third out of the inning. You never want to make the last out of an inning, at third, or at home plate. Did Puig run through a stop sign? I don’t know.

After that the only semblance of offense from the Dodger bats was a single from Matt Kemp in the second, and another piddly single from Fedex in the bottom of the eighth.

The Phillies added two more runs in the eighth inning off of Dominguez on a two-run home run from Ruiz. The veteran backstop was the offensive star of the game for the Phillies. He went 3 for 4 with four runs driven in. That includes two doubles, a home run, and a single.

Another Tootblan-Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

omg, you are retarded Puig, retarded-Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

There’s not much more else to say here. I don’t think you really want me to describe this game any further. As a matter of fact I, like you would like nothing more than to purge this game from my memory forever. The only way to do that is with some heavy drinking or something. After watching this game, I wouldn’t blame anyone who wanted to reach for some libation.

The Dodgers have sure been playing some crappy uninspired Baseball this month. The club is now 2-2 on this ten game home stand, and are now a pathetic 4-5 at home. Although their deceving record is now 12-8 The club is having similar problems as last year around this time. Multiple Bums on the roster, horrendous defense, pathetic offense, and inconsistent relief pitching. The club is going to have to purge some of these Bums from the roster or they will continue to lose. At least Gonzo extended his hitting streak. Just trying to stay positive here.

Anyways, join us for tomorrow’s embarrassment , as A.J. Burnett will counter Hyun-jin Ryu in game two at 7:10 PM.